Sumac Lemonade

     We have lots of staghorn sumac around us. It's actually invasive around my garden, but, we let it grow because of it's brilliant red color in the fall. A perk is the sumac berries to make sumac lemonade.

 I put the grandkids to kept them busy for a while :-)

     We soaked the berries for about 20 minutes in cold water. A cold water infusion helps to preserve the vitamin c content. These berries were a bit young yet. A little older and there would be more vitamin c in them.

     I then strained the juice in a fine mesh strainer to make sure I got out all the little sumac hairs. I sweetened it with stevia.

     I think they were quite apprehensive with the first sip.   ....and then I heard "mmmm this is good!" It is good! Try it.

(Please make sure it is smooth or staghorn sumac. If you don't know for sure, get help identifying it.)

.....dr momi


Candy C. said...

It must be sumac season, yours is the second post I've seen recently for sumac lemonade! :)

Gorges Smythe said...

I've heard of that all my life and never tried it. Maybe I'll DO it this year!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

never heard of it , but it sounds good

Dicky Bird said...

Well, that's neat! I've only heard bad of sumac - so I assumed all sumac was bad. What do you know about giant ragweed? I have some growing under my bird feeder (must be in the feed) and don't know if I should pull it up or let it seed out. I know it can be bad for farmers, however, looks like some people like it. I thought it was pot growing...I was kinda worried...till, someone helped me identify it. :)

Leigh said...

I used to make this eons ago! I think I got the recipe from Euell Gibbons(?), but am delighted to see it here. And I finally have some volunteers where the goats can't get them, so am letting them grow. Now flowers or berries yet, but hopefully next year.

Granny Sue said...

It has been a long time since I made sumac lemonade but I still remember it's fine, tart flavor. Just like pink lemonade!

Bee Lady said...

I was looking through some old blog posts and saw a comment from you, so I popped over to see what you've been up to. I had no idea sumac was drinkable! You ok?

Cindy Bee

M.E. Masterson said...

Awesome!!! Had no idea .... will have to try that.. thanks