Sumac Lemonade

     We have lots of staghorn sumac around us. It's actually invasive around my garden, but, we let it grow because of it's brilliant red color in the fall. A perk is the sumac berries to make sumac lemonade.

 I put the grandkids to kept them busy for a while :-)

     We soaked the berries for about 20 minutes in cold water. A cold water infusion helps to preserve the vitamin c content. These berries were a bit young yet. A little older and there would be more vitamin c in them.

     I then strained the juice in a fine mesh strainer to make sure I got out all the little sumac hairs. I sweetened it with stevia.

     I think they were quite apprehensive with the first sip.   ....and then I heard "mmmm this is good!" It is good! Try it.

(Please make sure it is smooth or staghorn sumac. If you don't know for sure, get help identifying it.)

.....dr momi


First Gooseberry Crop

My first crop of gooseberries after 4 years of the bugs eating
the bush down to nothing. Why they didn't eat it this year I have no idea.
I didn't do anything to prevent them.

This is a very small bowl....not enough to do anything with, except eat fresh.
My 5 year old grandson said they tasted like grapes.
At least he didn't spit them out :-) They are quite tasty.

I do believe I will be planting a couple more bushes!

.....dr momi


Mulberry Fun


    I planted a 4 foot tall mulberry tree by the chicken coop 5 years ago.  It was a tree planted by the birds in the old fenceline.  I knew they grew fast.  I never imagined it would grow this big in such a short time.

  It is loaded with fruit this year.  My husband calls it a "bear dinner bell".  The chickens think the fruit is a great substitute for a worm. But, the grandkids thought it was a mulberry piƱata!  They had a grand time gobbling up the fruit as it fell.

                              ......and they all had purple mustaches!

     A mulberry tree is a great addition to a homestead.  Planting it by the chicken coop was perfect for shade and chicken food.  All my grown children were saying "I want a mulberry tree!".  I reminded them it would be a pretty messy tree in town.
    Mulberry wine....mulberry pie......mulberry jam....just thinking out loud :-)

.....dr momi

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