Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

'whadya mean it's almost christmas?!
how did we miss easter?!'

That was where I was going with the pic Tex :-)

This week's caption is by TexWisGirl over at:
She's got a picture of her nonagon house and the
pond where she gets all of her gorgeous bird pics up today.
Go check out her blog! 

Other captions were:

They look like they get their hare done at the same place.
By Patrice over at: Everyday Ruralty

"You KNOW you want to pet us!!"
By Candy C. over at: Lazy J Bar C Farm

                         I can just about see over the top! How 'bout you?
                  By Carol Pack Urban over at: Sometimes Mindless Ramblings

                                   "Simon Says...two paws up..."
                By Dicky Bird over at: Dicky Bird's Nest & Town Hall Trinkets

                           "Come doesn't look that high to me!
                  One good hop and we're out of here! On three.One,two..."
                                                  By Spiderjohn

     Thanks for playing everyone!  This is a picture of two of the angora bunnies born this summer.  They are now almost 6 months old...just about ready for their second shearing.  .....and yes, they would jump out of there in 2 seconds now :-)

.....dr momi



Gingerbread Fun

A Family Tradition

                                  They're getting better every year :-)
                                             Frosting Recipe Here

.....Grandma Jean


Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

" I ran out of suck!"

Caption by Spiderjohn.
I would say that is exactly what happened John :-) !

Other captions were:

At least a child can't talk your head off this way!
by Patrice over at: Everyday Ruralty

Grandpa told him the fish will bite better if the bait is kept warm.

First, slurp. Then, burp!
by TexWisGirl over at: The Run *A* Round Ranch Report

"Now how am I supposed to get the rest of it in my mouth?!?"
by Candy C. over at: Lazy J Bar C Farm

I'm an alien!
by Sharon over at: Fitzgerald's Family Farm 

"Now that's Italian" 

"What flying spaghetti monster?
by anonymous

Thanks for playing everyone! 
This is a picture of my grandson Brayden. 
He has been featured on more than one "food" picture. 
He's such a ham.
It felt good to be back....I got to laugh all week :-)




Blessing of the Fishing Scarves

The view from our window.
(about two months ago)

     See the lake in the background?  It's where all the guys in our crew go ice fishing.  Now that deer hunting is over here in Wisconsin, all the guys thoughts are turned toward the lake freezing over.

The lake is trying hard....
        The dark blue part has no ice yet.  It's usually after the holidays before the ice is thick enough to walk on.

......and on to the story.

     I was knitting away on a scarf for myself (yes...I learned) one Sunday evening after the family supper.  This is how the conversation went....

6 yr. old grandson Ryan, "Grandma what are you making?"
                                        "A scarf."
                                        "For me?"
                                        "No this one is for me, would you like a scarf."
                                        "What colors would you like?"
                                        "Red and blue."
                                        "OK I'll get right on it."
      And that started an intense 3 weeks of making scarves for 10 grandchildren.  There was no way I could make one for Ryan and not the others.  I used up all the odds and ends yarn that I had made.
     Not being particularly experienced in knitting yet, I told the parents that these would be fishing scarves.  No one would look at what there were wearing on the lake :-).  In keeping with the theme, I put actual fishing lures (hooks removed) on the tassels of the scarves of the boys....they were so excited.  The girls scarves have fish beads on them. Yes....all the bigger kids go ice fishing.  They have a grand time fishing and playing with their cousins.
     So, tonight we had the "Blessing Of The Fishing Scarves", and the scarves were handed out to take home.

 Blessing Of The Fishing Scarves

As the Grandmother of these children I
bless these scarves in the Name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus watch over these children
as they play and fish on the lake.  May a spirit of happiness
overtake them whenever they wear these scarves.
May they catch lots of big fish!
....And someday Lord, may they become fishers of men, just like St. Peter.

....well you try to get them all to smile
and look at the camera at the same time. :-)
They all really liked the scarves....even those
without a smile on the pic. :-)



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.....dr momi