Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

'whadya mean it's almost christmas?!
how did we miss easter?!'

That was where I was going with the pic Tex :-)

This week's caption is by TexWisGirl over at:
She's got a picture of her nonagon house and the
pond where she gets all of her gorgeous bird pics up today.
Go check out her blog! 

Other captions were:

They look like they get their hare done at the same place.
By Patrice over at: Everyday Ruralty

"You KNOW you want to pet us!!"
By Candy C. over at: Lazy J Bar C Farm

                         I can just about see over the top! How 'bout you?
                  By Carol Pack Urban over at: Sometimes Mindless Ramblings

                                   "Simon Says...two paws up..."
                By Dicky Bird over at: Dicky Bird's Nest & Town Hall Trinkets

                           "Come doesn't look that high to me!
                  One good hop and we're out of here! On three.One,two..."
                                                  By Spiderjohn

     Thanks for playing everyone!  This is a picture of two of the angora bunnies born this summer.  They are now almost 6 months old...just about ready for their second shearing.  .....and yes, they would jump out of there in 2 seconds now :-)

.....dr momi



TexWisGirl said...

yay! thanks, dr. momi!

this week: 'get along, little doggie!'

Dicky Bird said...

From the dog: "So this is my punishment - dang Bush's beans secret family recipe"

Sherry Sikstrom said...

"Is this really how Roy Rogers got started?"

Spiderjohn said...

"Get that hand wrapped in there tight. When the chute gate opens, spur him down, hold on for 8 seconds and you'll be the new 2012 Professional Dog Riding Champion!"

Michaele said...

Congratulation Tex!

Now, when I let go - you try to stay on for 8 seconds - got it?

Candy C. said...

"Sure kid, let's go for a ride!"