Flying Dog

No we don't have snow -- old pic :-)
     On the news tonight, I heard about the kid and dog that had to be rescued from the side of a cliff.  A bottle was thrown over the cliff, and the dog tried to retrieve it. Then the kid went to rescue the dog.  A happy ending, both were fine.

     It reminded me of when our golden retriever, Billy, did the same kind of thing.  It was when our house was being built.  Nothing but the shell was up.  Late afternoons after the builders were done for the day, I would take the dogs over and check out how things were coming.

      Billy is a retrieving machine.  I think if you kept throwing the ball, he would keep retrieving it until he died of heat exhaustion or a heart attack.  I was throwing the ball for him out the future doors, and, occasionally out the future windows.  If I threw it out the "window",  he would run out the "door" to go get it.  Until the time he decided to fly.

     I can still feel how my face froze in disbelief as he decided to follow the ball out the window this time.  He didn't casually jump out.  Oh no....he used the sill to jump high into the air as if he was a dock dog.  There was one problem.  The bottom of the sill was 6 1/2 feet off the ground.  When he arched into the air I bet he was almost 12 feet off the ground.   .....and he didn't land in a pool of water!

     I thought for sure he would break a leg or something.  No, ....we just kept on playing fetch.  To this day though, if he over exercises, he has a gimpy leg....his "medal of honor" I suppose.

Retrieving is in his blood,

.....dr momi  


My New Cheese Press

     The kids all got together, for my Christmas and birthday present, ( I have a December birthday)  and bought me this:

A NEW cheese press.

.....which is so much better than my OLD cheese press.
(which has a

     I can't wait to use it.   .....jean

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Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption This Week?

Last Week:

yes, i'm the real santa! now where's the cookies and milk?
from TexWisGirl over at:
Hop over to her blog and check out the picture of the
Cedar Waxwings around the "birdbath bar".  Cute.

Other Captions were:

I wear Santa's hat when he naps. The rest of the time Mrs. Santa
 makes me wear those stuffed reindeer ears from the dollar store!
from Patrice over at:

Hey Mom, you're really pushin' it with this hat! Do I look like one of Santa's Helpers?
from Lori Skoog over at:

"yes, there really is a Santa Paws..."
from Dicky Bird over at:

"Santa baby, I've been a really good dog!"
from Candy C over at:

OK,where are my milk and cookies?
from Melodie over at:

Yes, she did it too me again, what can I say?
from Sandie over at:

Do I really have to wear this hat?
from:  Ellen from Georgia

This is a picture of our 1/2 miniature poodle named Happy.
She was the best lap dog ever, and grew up with all the kids.
She lived to be 17 years old.   .....jean


Christmas in Pictures

It's a fake tree, but real snow!
We finally received 2 1/2 inches late afternoon on Dec. 23.
Just in time for a white Christmas.

Reaching in the stocking to pick out a "truck".

I have no comment on the shirt :-)

It's hard to get to the bottom of the stocking.

Ryan was in heaven with his "second-hand" remote controlled fire truck.

Helping Uncle Tyler find his "gift-certificate" :-)

..... dr momi


God Made Flesh

Joy of the angels
  Awe of the shepherds                                                            
      Adoration of the wise men.                                                     

As I kneel before this baby boy,
   Do I have the

Joy of the angels, the
   Awe of the shepherds, the
       Adoration of the wise men?

Oh, God made flesh and more! As
   the realization hits me.  Before
      me a baby, yet my salvation.

                                                       The sacrifice for my sin
                                                                                for my sin
                                                                                   for my sin.
                                                                        The sacrifice.
                                                                           A baby.
                                                                              The sacrifice.

                                                        The adoration becomes the awe,
                                                        The awe becomes the Joy!
                                                        We're talking celebration time!

                                                        The joy of my salvation,
                                                           The joy of my salvation!
                                                              The joy of angels,
                                                                 The awe of shepherds,
                                                                    The adoration of wise men.

                                                         My joy,
                                                            My awe,
                                                               My adoration,
                                                                  My sacrifice,
                                                                     My righteousness,
                                                                        My God,
                                                                           My God,
                                                                              My God,
                                                                                 My all.

One year I was sitting at a McDonald's enjoying a cup of coffee and my own thoughts, when these words started to flow.  I had nothing to write on but a napkin.  I like to think they were Holy Spirit inspired.  :-)  .....dr momi
                Have a blessed Christmas everyone!


Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

These must be turkey kibbles-I'm so sleepy.

coined by Patrice over at:
Everyday Ruralty
Hop on over to her Chats on the Farmhouse Porch (which is her couch
this time round )  I love her way tall tree :-)

Other captions were:

                                                                             "I miss my mama's milk...."
                                                                               coined by Dicky Bird over at:
                                                     Dicky Bird's Nest

"Did you slip something in this? I suddenly feel so sleepy."
coined by Judy over at:
My Freezer is Full

Got Milk?
coined by Michaele over at:
Sprout 'n' Wings Farm

No,no I am not full..I can eat it...I just need to rest a little first...burp..!
coined by Melodie over at:
Laughing Duck Farm

  "I'm gonna eat ALL of my kibbles and I'm NOT gonna share with nobody!"
                                                                                        coined by  Candy C over at:
                                                                                              Lazy J Bar C Farm

                                                   "I know it's early, but I think I've already over-eaten this holiday season . . . burp." 
                                                                                              coined by Mama Pea over at:

                                                                                                 A Home Grown Journal

                                                            "Please be here when I wake up! Please be here when I wake up!" 
                                                                                             coined by 1st Man over at:

                                                             Two Men and a Little Farm

                                                                                          Is this it Where's The Beef??? 
                                                                                                  coined by Ellen over at:

                                                                                                 Hard Work Homestead

                                                                     Go ahead - I dare ya. Don't even think about touching it.
                                                                                                 coined by Rae over at:

                                                               The Old Weather Vane

       This is a picture of my third Future Leader Dog puppy,  Brinkley.  Brinkley didn't make it as a Leader Dog, they said he didn't want to work......ya think?  He is now the mascot at a greenhouse and he gets all the pets he could possibly take in.   He is truly loved by his new owners.  Read about him being a hero here.  Thank you so much for playing everyone!


Super Thank-You

     A super thank-you is going out to Jacky over at Dicky Bird's Nest for the cute trio of bird ornaments that I won at her give-away.  They are so cute on my tree!  My tree is decorated in wildlife ornaments anyway, and they fit right in!  Thanks again Jacky!

A Cardinal, Blue Jay, and a Dove..... adorable!



Decorating Cookies...Kid Style

Traditional Sugar Cookies

1 cup lard
1/2 cup butter
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
(don't you love how yellow free range eggs make the dough?)
2 tsp. homemade vanilla
5 cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. salt
Mix, chill, roll, cut, place on greased cookie sheet, bake at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes.

Side note:  do you think if I forgot the 2 cups of sugar in the sugar cookies that anyone would notice??
That's what I did the other day...uuggghhh!  So much for speed baking.


2 lbs. of powdered sugar
1/4 cup melted butter
1 TBL. vanilla
enough milk to make a good spreading consistency.

So, we decorated the sugar cookies with the grandkids last night.

They had a great time,

....and made some beautious masterpieces.


...there was an awful lot of

....finger licking going on!

 cookie seekers were forewarned.

When they were all done, they got to pick one cookie to eat.     .....decisions



Sunday in Pictures

Another picture and a little about him here.

Yesterday Billy was scheduled to go to the library for kids to read to him.
When I told Rick my plans for the day he said, "Oh no, I was going to go hunting!"
I said, "Hhmmm, it just so happens I have another dog."
Retired Leader Dog Sonnet has been moved in with us for 2 weeks now.
I took her.....

....and she did extremely's her new job.  :-)
A little more of Sonnet's story here.

Tato wanted a "football hat".
So his Mom got right to work.



Fox Food?

     I hate it when this happens. I'm in bed, almost asleep.  Suddenly, I'm wide awake with the thought;  "I forgot to close the ducks in."  I now have two choices.

1)  Snuggle back down into those warm covers and try to convince myself there is no way the fox will show up tonight.  Or,

2)  Get up, go out into that cold air and close the door.  That cold air is guaranteed to keep me awake for at least another  hour. know what I did.

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The outside trees have been lit.

The inside tree is lit.

The doors have been decked.

Decorations for the grandkids are in place.
(The only place it's snowing is in the house!)

The mantle has been trimmed.

.....and the reason for the preparation is up front and center.
Come Lord Jesus Come!


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What's Wrong With These Pictures?

It's 11 days before Christmas.....

.....and all of these pictures were taken today......

......and I live in Wisconsin!!!!


Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last week:

Somebody pllleeeaaase...scratch a bears back!
coined by Melodie over at:

Laughing Duck Farm

(I loved your caption Melodie because that's exactly what I wanted to do for him!)

If you need to laugh some more today, please go over and read Melodie's
 post about a duct tape straight jacket for her chicken....way funny!  I'm still laughing!

Other captions were:

                                                 (Think Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy - Chris Rock as the Guinea Pig...)
"This feels Gooooooood - Real Gooooooood"
coined by Dicky Bird over at:
Dicky Bird's Nest

And Dear God, it it's not too much to ask, how about that picnic basket?
Coined by Ronda over at:
The Pauley Principle

"sneaking out on recess at the school was never the same once they hired the new playground director..."
Coined by gowestferalwoman over at"
"Go West" Feral Woman
(so good to hear from you girl :-)

Backed into a corner again, Mr Bear didn't know which way to turn.
coined by Gail over at:
Familiar Spirits

Sung in his best Louis Armstrong voice -
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow".
coined by Marissa over at:
Life On Our Side Of The Mountain

...but it feels soooo good!
coined by Rae over at:
The Old Weather Vane

'why didn't i take that on-line locksmith course? why?!'
coined by TexWisGirl over at:
The Run *A* Round Ranch Report

"I'm first in line (la la la) I'm first in line"
coined by Nancy over at:
Welcome To Babbelot

Oh Mr. Ranger, Sir, I promise I won't be stealing anymore 'pic-a-nic baskets'!!!
coined by Lisa over at:
Country Kids

I so enjoyed all your captions this week....
So many new people playing -- thanks everyone!
This is the bear at the N.E.W. Zoo. (North East Wisconsin)
 I so wanted to scratch his back for him :-)
I  wasn't so sure that chain linked fence was going to hold did.

.....dr momi


Sunday in Pictures

The back side of my old barn.  Taken a few years back, on a different full moon.

The other side of my old barn with the old silo.
The new owners want to make the old silo a climbing wall.
He was up the old ladder chute trying to knock down some of the old roof cement
when a big hunk of cement fell down and broke his foot!
The boards on top of the barn blew out with a bad wind storm. 
 We had a guy try to fix it, but that whole corner of the barn is "unstable". 
He came flying down his ladder that day (afraid the whole thing was going to cave in) and said, "not going to happen".

....and the side of the barn facing the road.
A tennis court was built by the previous owners in the old barnyard.
Notice the basketball net and the tennis practice wall.  The kids spent many a day down there.

We often looked into replacing the roof and keeping the barn up.
Quotes for the roof (that needed all new rafters) were 4 times 
more, than putting up the same size new metal pole building.
Pure economics left it just the way it was.
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 .....dr momi


I Met the REAL Santa

     It was at an after Christmas sale in an upscale decorating store a few years back.  I was looking down, and as I looked up so as not to run into the person in front of me -- there he was.  (Yes, he was after-Christmas shopping.)  He was dressed in nice neat jeans, handsome looking suspenders, and a red plaid flannel shirt.  Perfectly silver grey hair, flowed into perfectly silver grey sideburns, that flowed into a perfect silver grey beard.

     I blurted out, "Do you know that you could be Santa Claus?"....."I am Santa Claus", was his reply.  The way he said it made me believe!  Then  he reached into his wallet and gave me this picture. said Believe on it LOL!

     That summer I was shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress in a store that also sold furs.  As I checked out, there was an 8 x 10 of the very same picture I had in my wallet!  "What??  You guys know the real Santa Claus too?"  Turns out they made Santa's suit!!  That's real fur!  They informed me that this Santa travels to Harrod's in London to work there for the Christmas season.  He is suppose to live in a close town to me, but I have never met him.  (as a real person :-)  I would like to thank him for a great story that I tell almost every year....the year Santa gave me his picture.  He is a great (I mean the REAL) Santa!

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.....jean Followers

     Who'd-a thunk!  I'm beyond blown away.  When I started blogging last New Years Eve, I barely even knew what a follower was LOL!  I promised a face to go with my blog to Mama Pea over at A Home Grown Journal when I got to 100 followers.  Thank-You Anita Husevag for being #100!  ....and fullfreezer for being # 101.  Here you go everyone.

Yup....taken in the bathroom mirror.
You have no idea how much I wanted to airbrush everything smooth and 20 year old like!

I think it is totally appropriate that Mama Pea ask for a picture.
Her blog was the first that I actually got up the nerve to make a comment!

I have been totally enjoying getting to know you all (...and still getting to know you).
If you've ever wondered how I got my blog's name here is the story.

(dr momi.....who really does have a name) .....jean



Need a Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last week:

"What?!  Do I look like I have egg on my face?"

Last week's caption coined by Ronda over at:
The Pauley Principle
(Hop on over there to check out her easy cinnamon buns...yum!)

Sooooo many good ones this week!

"Oh shucks!  She caught me before I could lay down and play possum."
Coined by Marissa over at:
Life On Our Side Of The Mountain
(I laughed out loud Marissa!)

"I'll have to see your invitation before I can let you in."
Coined by Mama Pea over at:
A Home Grown Journal

You didn't see anything.
Coined by Simply Scaife Family over at:
Simply Scaife Family Farm

"Ya'll don't really eat possum for Christmas do you?!?"
Coined by Candy C. over at:
Lazy J Bar C Farm

I'm not going out there - are you kidding!?
Coined by Sandi over at:
Chatty Crone

(think New York accent....)  "Whada you lookin' at?"
Coined by Dicky Bird over at:
Dicky's Bird Nest

I think I should have taken that left at Albuquerque......
Coined by Melodie over at:
Laughing Duck Farm

  This possum surprised me in the barn one night when doing chores. (*scream*)
He's holed up in the old chicken nest which wasn't being used.
He was eating cat food.....and he looks way guilty to me!