Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last week:

Somebody pllleeeaaase...scratch a bears back!
coined by Melodie over at:

Laughing Duck Farm

(I loved your caption Melodie because that's exactly what I wanted to do for him!)

If you need to laugh some more today, please go over and read Melodie's
 post about a duct tape straight jacket for her chicken....way funny!  I'm still laughing!

Other captions were:

                                                 (Think Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy - Chris Rock as the Guinea Pig...)
"This feels Gooooooood - Real Gooooooood"
coined by Dicky Bird over at:
Dicky Bird's Nest

And Dear God, it it's not too much to ask, how about that picnic basket?
Coined by Ronda over at:
The Pauley Principle

"sneaking out on recess at the school was never the same once they hired the new playground director..."
Coined by gowestferalwoman over at"
"Go West" Feral Woman
(so good to hear from you girl :-)

Backed into a corner again, Mr Bear didn't know which way to turn.
coined by Gail over at:
Familiar Spirits

Sung in his best Louis Armstrong voice -
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow".
coined by Marissa over at:
Life On Our Side Of The Mountain

...but it feels soooo good!
coined by Rae over at:
The Old Weather Vane

'why didn't i take that on-line locksmith course? why?!'
coined by TexWisGirl over at:
The Run *A* Round Ranch Report

"I'm first in line (la la la) I'm first in line"
coined by Nancy over at:
Welcome To Babbelot

Oh Mr. Ranger, Sir, I promise I won't be stealing anymore 'pic-a-nic baskets'!!!
coined by Lisa over at:
Country Kids

I so enjoyed all your captions this week....
So many new people playing -- thanks everyone!
This is the bear at the N.E.W. Zoo. (North East Wisconsin)
 I so wanted to scratch his back for him :-)
I  wasn't so sure that chain linked fence was going to hold him...it did.

.....dr momi


Dicky Bird said...

"I miss my mama's milk...."

Judy T said...

"Did you slip something in this? I suddenly feel so sleepy."


Michaele said...

Got Milk?

Melodie said...

No,no I am not full..I can eat it...I just need to rest a little first...burp..!

Glad I could keep you up all night laughing!

Patrice said...

These must be turkey kibbles-I'm so sleepy.

Candy C. said...

"I'm gonna eat ALL of my kibbles and I'm NOT gonna share with nobody!"

Mama Pea said...

"I know it's early, but I think I've already over-eaten this holiday season . . . burp."

1st Man said...

"Please be here when I wake up! Please be here when I wake up!"

Ellen said...

Is this it Where's The Beef???

Rae said...

Go ahead - I dare ya. Don't even think about touching it.