Time For A Rest

Time for a rest for me...not Breezy.
I'm going to be gone on retreat - Friday through Sunday.
Breezy is being watched by the guys over at a low
security prison near me.  They raise two Leader Dogs at a time
over there.  It's a great thing for the prisoners and they have a great
facility for exercising the dogs.  She will come back tired :-)
......and this is a good thing!

.....dr momi (P.S.  --- time got away from me -- Need A Funny Caption next Wed.!)


What Day Is Today?

This all happened on Sat. Sun. Mon., it was Sun.
It was a hot  Family Sunday Supper.
This is a picture of trouble about to happen!
Too bad you can't hear all the chatter and giggles.

On a rare summer day Uncle Nate was here.
He'd usually be gone guiding for fish.
But this Sunday he was making memories with all the cousins.

(Check out a small portion of our young orchard, top left.)
(....oh, and I do know how to spell Homesteading,
but was too lazy to correct it :-)

Too bad Uncle Nate forgot his swimsuit :-)

(The neighbors soybeans are just coming
up in the field in the back.)

Bowling Ball Slip 'n Slide was very popular.

Check out the line waiting their turn.

So, is Monday right????

.....grandma Jean


Thursday In Pictures

Had to show you Sherman's cage.  It's a double decker.  I
can move it around easy enough that he can get to green grass. 
You should see him zip up and down in it. 
 His wool is getting long again.  Not quite ready to shear him though.
In the mean time, I have moved him to the edge
of the woods in the shade.  Its a lot cooler there.
His wife is coming the first week of June,
doubt if I can find another cage like this!

I took a break from putting in the garden to go to the zoo
with my daughter and grandson.
Giraffe tongues are slimy :-)

We had granddaughter Zoe's 2nd
birthday party last Sunday evening.
.....she "get's it" now.

.....jean (trying hard to stay ahead of this's getting better :-)


Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For This Week?

Last Week:

                              "Look what Grandma found in the garden
                                   under a cabbage leaf this morning!"

This week's caption is by Mama Pea
over at:
Go hop over to her blog and see if she's
"captured" her crows yet! (They don't stand a chance)

Other captions were:

"does she squeak if i squeeze her?"
By TexWisGirl over at:

You see kids sometimes when mom swallows a
watermelon seed, you don't always get watermelon....."
by judy

"....and, that is where babies come from"
by Jacky over at:

Cute captions everyone!!  This is a picture of the first Sunday Night Supper after granddaughter Zoe was born.  All her little cousins had to "check her out".  The only grandkid missing in the pic (at the time) was her big brother Logan....her newness had already worn off for him :-)
 Grandpa Rick was in his glory.

.....Grandma Jean


Trenching In The Tomatoes

I start my tomatoes from seed each year.
I don't have a green house and always start too early.
So by planting time, this is what they look like.
(They've been leaning against the window for support :-)

There is still hope for them.
In fact I think they fare very well this way!
I dig a trench rather than a deep hole and cover the whole
plant except for the last few leaves.  New roots will form
on the buried stem and I think the whole root
system just becomes very strong.

Yes, this is the same tomato!
I'm careful not to break the stem as I turn it upwards. 
  Some bunny manure and protection from the wind in the beginning.
.....and I'm dreaming of my first fresh tomato.

.....dr momi
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Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For This Week?

Last Week:


This week's caption is by Candy C. over at:
There were so many good ones this week, but,
when I read your caption Candy I burst right out loud. :-)
Hop on over to the Lazy J Bar C and check out her
Black and White Wednesday pic of a neat wind mill.
.......and yesterdays post of her kitty's ~~ so cute.

Other Captions Were:

a doggie sandwich cookie! vanilla on one side,
chocolate on the other, creme in the middle!
By TexWisGirl over at:

It's a three dog night!
By Jill over at:

Everyone else's pups grow up and leave the nest. sigh.
Why can't I be that lucky.
By Jane over at:

"You put your left foot in, you put your...ahh, never mind."
By 1st Man over at:

We are the dogmen not the horsemen.
By judy

Can't teach an old dog new tricks....."Nope, not going to do it".
By Doc over at:

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil!...:)
By jp over at:

"I know our owner said to go lie down, but she didn't
mean to do it on me!" said the Golden Retriever.
By Patrice over at:

        Always the bottom of the heap. Seriously nice guys do finish last
By fernvally01 over at:

"The Three Stooges"
By Jacky over at:

                  "Furry love comes in all sizes - small, medium and large."
                                                By Marissa over at:
                                              Life On Our Mountain

This is a picture of our dog, career changed Leader dog Billy, the golden.  Future Leader dog Trixy, the yellow lab, and Future Leader dog Butsch, the shepherd.  It was a family "snuggle".       ......dr momi


It's All Breezy's Fault......

.....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  You may have noticed I haven't been posting much in April or May, or getting around to reading your posts!  I blame it on Breezy. (My new Future Leader Dog puppy)  She eats things. every grandkid toy that's up in the loft --- which is where my computer is.  She is banned from the loft.  Which means I have to stay downstairs and watch her for trouble down there.  She will grow up.  Until then, I want you all to know that....well, I'm still here!  I will be posting quick pictures and a paragraph or two probably for the rest of the summer, or, until she can come up here and lay at my feet and be a good "blog dog" -- which ever comes first.

Being good chewing on her toy.
(Don't let her fool you.)

Double trouble.

.....dr momi


Duck Nest No More

     Miss Grey Duck started out with 12 eggs.  She layed on them so well for at least 2 weeks.  What happened to one of the eggs I don't know.....and then she slowly started leaving them longer and longer.  The morning I felt them and they were all ice cold I knew it was all over.  She was such a good mother last year!  Maybe none of the eggs were fertile.  I opened one...rotten to the core.  Elton is pretty old..... but, Nine of Nine should have been able to fill in no problem.

     So now we start all over.  One problem.  The ducks aren't laying any eggs right now!  All winter they layed so well, but the day I turned off the light that was keeping their water from freezing they were done.  That was a month ago.  Not an egg since.  Did I wear them out over the winter?   Bottom ducklings for a while. :-(

.....dr momi


The Outdoor Planting Of The Celery

Remember the "starting of the celery"
from the end of a celery stalk?

It got planted in the garden a couple days ago.
(It's a lot taller than the picture lets on.)

Along with 2 other just started ends.

      They all handled the transplanting with no problems at all!  After doing more reading on growing celery I learned that celery loves the cool weather.  I'm in the process of making a "shade shelter" to give it a break from the very hot sun coming up.

     You should have seen all the roots on the one I planted in the house.  There were no roots at all when I planted it in the dirt, but when I transplanted it -- wow!  Keeping the celery well watered is important, otherwise the celery will be stringy and try to bolt. (go to seed) Blanching 10 - 14 days before picking is important so it won't be bitter.  I'm going to try blanching one stalk with dirt and the others with a cardboard cylinder and then comparing taste.

     Here is a great article by Master Gardener Steve Albert that answered every question I had about growing celery.  I hope to get a celery yield this year!

.....dr momi

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Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For This Week?

Last Time:

If i give her my puppy dog face, i know i'll get my way!!

Last times caption was from
Honeysuckle Haven Cottage.
Thanks so much for playing!

Other Captions were:

'you said to keep my chin up...'
By TexWisGirl over at:

Honest, I didn't do it!
By Dog Trot Farm over at:

"But was an accident, really?!?"
By Dicky Bird over at:

But I don't want to do it.
By Sandie over at:

This is a picture of my grandson Ryan maybe 3 years ago.
Can't remember why the "puppy dog face".
I know it didn't last long :-)


Butsch Made It!

                      Future Leader Dog Butsch is now Leader Dog Butsch!
                          He was matched with his forever person yesterday.

     Leader Dogs For The Blind always gives their raisers the opportunity to meet the new owner and see the dog one last time. (Now all grown up)  Unfortunately, we live just far enough away from the school that a 1000 mile round trip for that meeting becomes very hard.  I will be sending all his puppy pictures, a toy, and a letter to his new owner.  It is up to the blind person if they would like to keep in contact.

     For all my new followers, Busch was the 8th puppy I raised for Leader Dogs For The Blind in Rochester Michigan (down by Detroit).  I currently am raising my 9th puppy, a black lab named Breezy. (And by the way new followers....Welcome, Welcome!)

.....proud puppy mama