Thursday In Pictures

Had to show you Sherman's cage.  It's a double decker.  I
can move it around easy enough that he can get to green grass. 
You should see him zip up and down in it. 
 His wool is getting long again.  Not quite ready to shear him though.
In the mean time, I have moved him to the edge
of the woods in the shade.  Its a lot cooler there.
His wife is coming the first week of June,
doubt if I can find another cage like this!

I took a break from putting in the garden to go to the zoo
with my daughter and grandson.
Giraffe tongues are slimy :-)

We had granddaughter Zoe's 2nd
birthday party last Sunday evening.
.....she "get's it" now.

.....jean (trying hard to stay ahead of this's getting better :-)


TexWisGirl said...

oh, that last photo is precious!

Carolyn said...

That IS a neat looking rabbit hutch! If I were to start spinning, I'd like to start with rabbits. Sooooo soft. And not as big as sheep or alpacas!

kare said...

Happy 2 years little one!

Your Bunny Condo is Awesome..
Will Mrs. Sherman be in a Single level 'Apartment' so babies stay off the staircase? if not you'll need a 'baby gate' (hehe).

i want Bun-Buns someday..

dr momi said...

Tex....the only thing that could have made that pic better is if I had caught the flame on the candle 1 sec. before LOL.

Carolyn....Me and my girls are getting so excited to start spinning!'s a lot easier to haul water for a rabbit than a sheep or alpaca in the winter :-)

kare....I did think of babies on the staircase LOL! I'm not sure what kind of house Mrs. Sherman is going to end up with yet...we're in the process of house hunting :-)

Rebecca Shockley said...

so cute-i think i had that same dress for my daughter 30 some years ago--lol my latest grandson is a little behind schedule-so little but don't know if thats good or bad,they have not said anything is wrong but he's 16 month still wearing 6-9 month pants?

Unknown said...

Sherman's hutch is awesome! His poor wife will have to have a lame hutch compared to him. Haha.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Who knew that about giraffe tongues? :-)

What a nice set up for Sherman and what a precious picture of your granddaughter!!

Mama Pea said...

What a great idea for a rabbit hutch. The resident (whoever he/she may be) has a built-in playground for exercise!

So glad it's you that's gaining command rather than the puppy! Hang in there.

Lois Evensen said...

Zoe is so cute! :) What a darling picture. It is not always easy to catch them at just the right moment.

Our Hazel (rabbit) didn't have a two story house. Wow, that is terrific!

Unknown said...

Love the pic with the giraffe's tongue!....:)JP

Michaele said...

What fun photos! Love that rabbit cage! Don't touch those giraffe tongues - I have seen where they put them : )

Clint Baker said...

Sorry I havnt posted in a while. I see everything is going well!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday Zoe. Do you know why giraffes tongues are so dark? To prevent them from getting sunburned! lol sandie

dr momi said...

Rebecca....isn't that a cute little dress? ....I hope your children are in touch with a health care professional about your grandson.

Heather....I think you're right, his wife is going to have a "shack" compared to him LOL!

Kim....there's a lot of "sqealing" that goes on when we feed the giraffes -- it feels weird!

Mama Pea....Sherman (the rabbit) sure does get his exercize. Sometimes he zips up and down 3 or 4 times just to be silly! (thanks for the puppy encouragemnet :-)

Lois....the picture of Zoe was 2 seconds before she put her hand into the cake (accidently) --- great memories.
We accidently came across this hutch for sale on Craig's list. The guy we bought it from made it, I think it's one of a kind. should go feed a giraffe sometime :-) super fun LOL!

Micheale....too late on the giraffe tongue...we were slobbered full. They do have a hand cleaning station right there though :-) ....I don't want to know where that tongue was before we fed it!

Clint....I bet you are busy putting in a garden? Hey, I haven't been posting as much as usual...I blame it on the new Leader Dog puppy I have :-) that true??? Their tongues are dark to prevent sunburn? (Makes sense to me
:-) why are they so slimy? LOL!

Candy C. said...

That is some super deluxe condo Sherman has, what a lucky bunny!!
Little Zoe is so cute and since you mentioned it, you can see that the candle JUST went out! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Zoe!

dr momi said...

Candy C. ....I know Sherman loves it. I think he also loves being outside -- lots to see. least Zoe is getting some hair now, it was so slow coming in. I love her little curls :-)! I'll pass that on. Thanks for commenting.