Sunday in Pictures

Future Leader Dog Breezy is 10 weeks old.
(Her eyes came out blue in the pic and I
couldn't fix they match :-)

My husband had a successful turkey hunt.
Stay tuned for a turkey jerkey recipe down the road.

Granddaughter Zoe loves melon.
I'm planting an heirloom variety this year --
my first time trying it.

I now see dandelions as bee food.
The bees seem to have survived this cold weather
just fine.  This week is suppose to be nice and warm
and there are lots of dandelions out -- a plus for the bees.

We miss this old bridge over the Wolf River.
It was recently torn down in our home town. 
A brand new one (that looks nothing like it) replaced it.

.....dr momi


Flowers For Leontien

When you feel that you can't pray,
please remember WE are praying.
Lean on us.
Jesus, we trust in You!

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Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For ThisWeek?

Last Week:

..."the bunny laid it just for me!!"

This week's caption is by Sall's Country Life over at:
Sall's Country Life
Hop on over to her blog and check out the earth
day video she made of her photographs.
ALWAYS beautiful photography.
Grab her button while you're at it! :-)

Other Captions Were:

Look what I found grandma!
by Sandie over at:
Chatty Crone

Here, Chickie, Chickie, Chickie! Come on out!
by Ronda over at:
The Pauly Principle

 "ohhhh mommy ,I found the golden egg!"
by judy

                                     "Is there a chicken in here?"
by Candy C. over at:
Lazy J Bar C Farm

"Hello Kitty - meet Hello Eggie"
by Jacky over at:
Dicky Bird's Nest

Thanks for playing everyone; and for all the kind comments!
This is a picture of my granddaughter Gracie at our Easter egg hunt this year.
"Grandma,  I found a "special" egg. (emphasize special in a little girl voice)
"You did? it to me" (click)

.....Grandma Jean


Rabbit Manure For The Garden

     In my post the other day I forgot to mention another reason that I wanted rabbits besides for the angora wool -- for their wonderful manure!  My huge multi-family garden can use a little more help.

     Chicken manure is a "hot" manure and has to be aged, which means it has to sit a year before it can be spread onto the garden.  It means handling it twice.  Once to get it onto the pile that cures for the year, and then a second handling to throw it on the garden.  In my case all done with a pitchfork and wheelbarrow.    .....I'm getting too old for that. (Enter kids doing that part now.)

     Rabbit manure however, is a "cold" manure and can be spread directly on the garden!  .....well, some people might disagree with that and would rather see it composted first, but just as many people throw it right on.
Guess which group I'm in?

     "Bunny Balls" (rabbit manure) are very high in nitrogen and phosphorus, as opposed to many of the other manures which are missing the phosphorus.  From what I hear, a garden that has been built up with rabbit manure is one productive plot of land.

     The cage the kids got me to go along with the bunny was hand built by the seller.  It is a "double decker". The bunny can hop down a ladder to a caged in lower level.  We will be putting the cage directly in the garden and just moving it around. (Yes, I'm lazy)

A Billy Story

     The first couple times I cleaned the cage I decided to throw the bunny balls near my rhubarb coming up.

     I caught Billy (our golden retriever) smelling around it one morning before his breakfast. "Get out of there!"  "Come on...let's eat!" was if he said "just a minute".  He then proceeded to mark the rabbit manure and peed all over my rhubarb!!!!

   Anybody up for some rhubarb wine??

.....dr momi

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Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Early Years"

This week's caption is by 1st Man over at:
perfect! :-)

Other captions were:

"I told him he'd shoot his eye out with that Red Ryder."
by Rae over at:

sleeping off a long john's silver kid's meal...
by TexWisGirl over at:

Obviously, being a pirate is harder than it looks.
by Mama Pea over at:

Pirate of the Carseatean
by Michaele over at:

Dreaming of the Queen Ann's Revenge!
by Clint over at:

"Dreamin of his candy booty"
by Dicky Bird over at:

 My tired pirate.
by Sandie over at:

It's all fun till...
by fernvalley01 over at:

by judy

Arrrr..Even pirates need a nap every once in a while!
by Melodie over at:

Aargh, Matey! It's time for me shut-eye.
Wake me and you walk the plank.
by Ronda over at:

This is a picture of my grandson Brayden.  He got a "pirate pack"
at a birthday party.  Need  I say he liked it.  :-)


My New Angora Bunny Sherman.
      Never in a million years did I ever think I would own a registered rabbit.  He is my Mother's Day present. (Him and his cage) A bit early yes, but the kids had to get him while they could find him.  It seems there are not very many Angora rabbits for sale in Wisconsin!

     What a tame bunny he is.  Perfect for the grandkids to love on.  But, that's not his main job.  His main job is to produce Angora wool.  Then I would like to learn how to spin yarn.  He will have a wife in just a little bit (she was born on Easter) and we hope to have more Angoras to help produce the wool faster.

I can't describe to you how soft he is.
Sherman before,

....and Sherman after being sheared.
      Don't laugh at my shearing job.  It was done with a scissors which is how I was told to do it.  He will be sheared 3 or 4 times in the year.  He is 40 % German Angora.  Evidently the German Angoras do not shed, so they cannot be plucked and must be sheared.  I'm sure I will get better at it when I'm not so afraid of cutting his skin.  As it was, I almost cut off his tail!!!  A sharp cry from my daughter "that's his tail!" was the only thing that stopped me.

     My daughter and I have already been to the yarn shop and signed up for a spinning class.  We also want to learn how to needle felt as we were told this first shearing of the bunny (Sherman is only 4 months old) is very fine fiber -- harder to spin but perfect for felting.  We have lots to learn yet, but the girls are anxious to knit things from angora -- or at least blends of it. I love my Mother's Day gift!

.....dr momi

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Two Hives of Bees In Place


They were hungry and loud.

Here's one of the queens.  She seemed very healthy.
The rest of the bees are "Italians" and the queen is "Carniolan".

One of the hives will be the top bar hive again.

And the other I'm going to try the traditional hive.
Beekeeper Mike is borrowing me a hive to try this year.
It will be fun to compare them.
     For those that don't know,  I lost two packages of bees at two different times last year.  Both times the weather was 30 degrees and 40 mile per hour winds when I placed them in the hive....not good.  This year it was 57 degrees, very light wind, and sunny.  All the bees found their way into their respective hives (the hive with the scent of their queen) and things are looking good!  I was much more relaxed this year knowing a bit more of what I was doing.  ......Here's to a good honey harvest! (Or any harvest
for that matter.  :-)

.....dr momi

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Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

WHAT!!!!!!!When are you due,and WHO'S the father?

This week's caption is by:  judy

....good one judy!  LOL -- it sure does
look like a serious heart to heart doesn't it!

BTW judy, thank-you for being a regular blog reader!
(hhhmmm.....if you had a blog what would it's title be?  :-)

Other captions were:

"Ok Marley, once again. Repeat after me... 'the cat box is not a buffet.' "By Rae over at:

"And if you're REALLY good,
Santa will leave you a stocking full of juicy beef bones!"
By Mama Pea over at:

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain...If Eliza Doolittle can
learn to say it nicely so can you..practice your vowels...the rain in Spain....
By Melodie over at:

"Didn't you study your vocabulary?"...:)
By JP over at:

"Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a white dog, very
much like you, and that white dog had a special magic..."
By Ronda over at:

"what milk bone? I never saw a thing! "
By fernvalley01 over at:

          "Does she REALLY think I understand what she's saying?!?"
By Candy C. over at:

"I told you to stay away from the skunks!"
By Paula over at:

Some really great captions this week.  Loved them all!
This is a picture of my daughter Kristy who is a chiropractor
that is certified in veterinary manipulation.  She hasn't met
a dog she doesn't like love.  Trixy was taking her very seriously  :-)

.....dr momi 


Happy Resurrection Day!

This is a picture of the 8 dozen duck eggs my grandchildren colored. 
The ducks are now being allowed to sit on their nests.
Baby ducks coming up :-)
.....Grandma Jean


Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For This Week?

Last Week:

I gave away the recipe to Bush's Beans now here I sit.

Caption by Jill over at:
Welcome to...Chillin' With Jill

Well, well, well, Jill. It was so perfect you scared everyone
else off! LOL. When I read it I have to admit I burst right out loud!
Please hop on over to Jill's blog and check out a picture of "simplicity".
Very pretty.     ......and the Morning Glories are beautiful.

What's sup?
by Sandi over at:

"Since you're up, could you get me a small bowl of Milk Bones?"
by Mama Pea over at:

YOU get it! I'm not budging!...:)
by JP over at:

                                        grab me a beer, would ya?
by Deb over at:

I'm a Golden Retriever and I have retrieved this chair.
Any more questions?
by Patrice over at:

"just hanging out"
by fernvalley01 over at:

                            "Seriously, you want me to go do what?"
                                                  by Clint over at:
                                            The Redeemed Gardener

" no way, best seat in the house"
by Judy

Thanks for commenting everyone. I laughed at all the people
who chickened out after reading Jill's,  LOL! 
This is a picture of our golden retriever Billy.
Every once in a while he thinks he's a lap dog :-). 

.....dr momi


New Puppy

     Meet Future Leader Dog Breezy everyone.  I picked her up yesterday about a 1/2 hr. trip from me.  A friend gave her a ride from Leader Dogs For The Blind in Rochester Michigan (over by Detroit).  This "wild child" as we are calling her, was doing this within 5 minutes of stepping into the house :-)  She is a very happy and healthy puppy.

     Breezy is 7 weeks old, a black Labrador retriever, 11 1/2 lbs.....complete with puppy breath. puppy breath.

.....dr momi