Need A Funny Caption

What's Your Caption For This Week?

Last Week:

I gave away the recipe to Bush's Beans now here I sit.

Caption by Jill over at:
Welcome to...Chillin' With Jill

Well, well, well, Jill. It was so perfect you scared everyone
else off! LOL. When I read it I have to admit I burst right out loud!
Please hop on over to Jill's blog and check out a picture of "simplicity".
Very pretty.     ......and the Morning Glories are beautiful.

What's sup?
by Sandi over at:

"Since you're up, could you get me a small bowl of Milk Bones?"
by Mama Pea over at:

YOU get it! I'm not budging!...:)
by JP over at:

                                        grab me a beer, would ya?
by Deb over at:

I'm a Golden Retriever and I have retrieved this chair.
Any more questions?
by Patrice over at:

"just hanging out"
by fernvalley01 over at:

                            "Seriously, you want me to go do what?"
                                                  by Clint over at:
                                            The Redeemed Gardener

" no way, best seat in the house"
by Judy

Thanks for commenting everyone. I laughed at all the people
who chickened out after reading Jill's,  LOL! 
This is a picture of our golden retriever Billy.
Every once in a while he thinks he's a lap dog :-). 

.....dr momi


Jill said...

Oh my! Thank you so much. =) I usually can't ever think of a caption so I'm so tickled you like this one. :)

Thanks for the shout out. That was really sweet of you!

Rae said...

"Ok Marley, once again. Repeat after me... 'the cat box is not a buffet.' "

(or at least that's what I tell MY dog. Lol)

Mama Pea said...

Congrats, Jill! You definitely had the best caption.

Caption for this week:

"And if you're REALLY good, Santa will leave you a stocking full of juicy beef bones!"

A Quiet Corner said...

WTG, Jill! I must admit, I thought yours was the best too!...:)JP

Melodie said...

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain...If Eliza Doolittle can learn to say it nicely so can you..practice your vowels...the rain in Spain....

A Quiet Corner said...

"Didn't you study your vocabulary?"...:)JP

Ronda said...

"Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a white dog, very much like you, and that white dog had a special magic..."

fernvalley01 said...

"what milk bone?I never saw a thing! "

Candy C. said...

"Does she REALLY think I understand what she's saying?!?"

judy said...

WHAT!!!!!!!When are you due,and WHO'S the father?congrats to Jill ,WTG

Paula said...

*haha* Very cute caption from Jill!

This weeks' picture looks like she is saying "I told you to stay away from the skunks!"