Trenching In The Tomatoes

I start my tomatoes from seed each year.
I don't have a green house and always start too early.
So by planting time, this is what they look like.
(They've been leaning against the window for support :-)

There is still hope for them.
In fact I think they fare very well this way!
I dig a trench rather than a deep hole and cover the whole
plant except for the last few leaves.  New roots will form
on the buried stem and I think the whole root
system just becomes very strong.

Yes, this is the same tomato!
I'm careful not to break the stem as I turn it upwards. 
  Some bunny manure and protection from the wind in the beginning.
.....and I'm dreaming of my first fresh tomato.

.....dr momi
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TxFarmhouse said...

I'm impressed that you started them from seeds! Of course, I did it the lazy (late) way and bought my little plants.

Mama Pea said...

That's the same way I plant my tomatoes. Can't remember where I first learned how to do it that way, but it does give them a much stronger root system. Still way too cool to set ours out here though.

Unknown said...

I do this too:)

Jill said...

That's the best way to plant them! You did great on starting them from seed.

kare said...

We're hopeing our Heirloom German Queen will give us seed to replant next year...if the heat doesn't clobber her first. Oy!

Onyx-Rose says:
"Thank You for coming to My first Post..& Hope your Mothers day was as sweet as You are!"

Blessings & Buzz'z

Candy C. said...

I did this for the first time last year and was very impressed with the results. Of course, if I didn't let them get so leggy in the first place... LOL!!

judy said...

I used to start mine from seed to,hmmmm,what happened to those days,I can't wait for your 1st one either

dr momi said...

River Bend Farm....I just like to know that I can start them from seed if I want. Of course now I see the prices of the started tomatoes in the stores and I just cringe! :-)

Mama Pea....I didn't really want to plant them here yet either, but it was either die in here or take your chances outside
:-) ....with some covers they are doing really well.

Simply Scaife Family....see...we probably all read the same article in a homesteaing magazine LOL!

Jill....I didn't know you had a garden! ...starting them from seed is actually really easy.

kare....I'm guessing the heirloom German Queen is an eating tomato? (as opposed to sauce) Must baby her along! :-)

Candy C. ....LOL, at least I don't feel so bad now when I let them get that leggy :-)

judy....I figure it's a good skill to know how to do -- then if you want to buy some instead of all the work -- go for it. :-) (of course price is a factor too!)

Gorges Smythe said...

Seen my dad do that many a time!

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

I didn't start my seeds soon enough so they are not that big but I do have about 60 heirlooms in the greenhouse right now that will go in the big garden by June 1 and more to start that are indeterminate heirlooms and will go in the vertical garden this year.

Wish mine were that big, they are beautiful.

dr momi said... dad never taught me anything about tomatoes -- I don't think he was in charge of them growing up. But, potatoes well....don't get him going LOL! happy to hear from you! Whoa, you're gonna be busy in August! All together I will have about 22 plants -- about all I can handle come August :-)

Nancy C said...

I did this when I started my from seed, which I didn't do this year. My bad. :) Thanks for sharing!

Chatty Crone said...

You my friend are amazing - the planting looks great to me! I can't wait to see the pictures as they grow and what the tomatoes look like. I love tomatoes. sandie

Michaele said...

How the heck did you get to be so smart? I have never heard of this. First the celery, now the tomatoes. Thanks for this really great info.

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

That is a great way of doing it, yes, their root system will be totally stronger than any!! Nice job. Now, water and wait for pure red goodness! I can't wait either!! Thanks for linking up with Farm Fresh Friday and Have a great weekend!!

dr momi said...

Nancy....there's nothing wrong with taking a break from all the planting, watering, and transplanting of the tomatoes from least you know how to do it if you ever had to!

Chatty Crone....Homemade fresh salsa, I NEED salsa! (I can't wait either)

Michaele....age :-)

Sall's Country Life....glad to hook-up with Farm Fresh Friday!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think they'll be just fine and you'll be enjoying that first fresh tomato before you know it, and I'll be so jealous! :-))

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

Stephanie said...

I've never seen them planted that way, but it sure makes sense! Gotta remember that for my garden next year :) Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Off to a good start! I usually put some sheep manure around mine after a week or so- that really makes them HOP! :)

dr momi said... better believe I baby them all along. Between the wind and sun it's been a lot of work thisa last week! was the best thing I ever learned about tomatoes. It made starting them from seed possible for me.

Paula....I've had goat manure years ago but never sheep. I'm assuming you are using aged sheep manure?