Super Thank-You

     A super thank-you is going out to Jacky over at Dicky Bird's Nest for the cute trio of bird ornaments that I won at her give-away.  They are so cute on my tree!  My tree is decorated in wildlife ornaments anyway, and they fit right in!  Thanks again Jacky!

A Cardinal, Blue Jay, and a Dove..... adorable!



TexWisGirl said...

how sweet! wisconsinites stick together!

Michaele said...

Oh lucky you! I was hoping to win those myself. they look great on your tree.

Dicky Bird said...

I'm so happy you like them. TexWisGirl - yep, I guess we do...you know that. It's even worse with Packer Fans.

Candy C. said...

Those are adorable, congrats to you! :)