Gingerbread Fun

A Family Tradition

                                  They're getting better every year :-)
                                             Frosting Recipe Here

.....Grandma Jean


TexWisGirl said...

so cute!

Dicky Bird said...

What wonderful memories you grandchildren will have. I want to be a grandma like you some day.

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful day of fun!

Granny Annie said...

Our daughter and granddaughter participated in making gingerbread houses this year and I just remembered they sent me pictures on my phone. I must download those to my blog or facebook. I never have done this but have always loved looking at the results of others' labors.

dr momi said...

Tex....I love getting the pics of them eating the candy in the background :-)

Dicky Bird....well thanks!

Simply Scaife Family....the kids have a great time. Clean up for the adults..not so much LOL.

Grannie Annie....I'm always amazed at how the houses turn out...And I bet in years to come they will be getting a lot more elaborate :-)

Candy C. said...

They are certainly better than last year and next year's will be even fancier! What a fun tradition!! :)

estetik said...

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