Heirloom Peas

One of the things I like to play around with, is saving
 seed from this years garden to plant in next years garden.
I planted a short row of heirloom peas
just for the seed this year.
I think every one of my adult kids came in with a handful
of fresh picked peas and said,
"Mom you forgot to pick your peas."

It is never hard to find someone to help
shuck the seed out when they are dry......
Kids and adults love the job :-)

Well dried and then stored in a ziplock bag
down in the cool basement.
Next can pick my peas for me kids!

.....dr momi


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Hmm, I never forget to pick peas! but I like the fresh ones that are sweet and green they would never make it to seed

Unknown said...

I think all "kids" are the same!...:)JP

Candy C. said...

But they were just trying to help!! ;-)

Dicky Bird said...

Great idea!

Bee Lady said...

I love planting heirloom and saving seed too. There's just something special about plants, especially food, coming from your own seeds. I sure miss not having a garden this year.

Cindy Bee

dr momi said...

fernvalley01....that's the main reason to plant peas----letting the grandkids pick them from the vine and eat them :-)

A Quiet Corner....yes all "kids" are the same. Those peas were callin' their name LOL.

Candy C....hmmmm, trying to help or thinking in the back of their head "Mom's really losing it these days, she didn't even pick her peas!" LOL!

Dicky Bird....heirloom beans and peas are the easy ones.

Bee Lady....I agree -- there's a "farming gene" in me that loves to produce the food (or flower) from my own saved seed.

Anonymous said...

I've never planted peas but I sure love to eat them :) I am lucky in that my father in law always shares some of his with us.