Sunday in Pictures

Never in a million years will you guess why I am sterilizing wing feathers.

Susan over at e-i-e-i-omg! is hosting an apron sew-off.  We're all making an apron to be
ready the week before Thanksgiving.  I don't sew.  However,  there was so much talk about
 "duct tape" I decided "what the heck".  This stash of denim material I bought at Goodwill for less
than $1.00 a yard.   ......about 2 years ago.  (I was going to make some curtains.)
I think it's time to do something else with it. 
And if I make a mistake there will be plenty left to start over again :-)
Come and join us!  Hop over to Susan's here and let her know "you're in".

"Like Daddy, like son".
A really poor quality old picture I "doctored" up.
Son Matthew and Grandson Ryan.
The picture is about 3 years old.  # 4 was Brett Farve.
They now would both have a #12 on their jerseys :-)  .....Aaron Rodgers.

 From another autumn -- maybe 10 years ago.  My broodmare
SWM Abra Aziz (full arab) and her colt SWM Romeo (1/2 arab, 1/2 appaloosa).



Roxey Lucey said...

are the feathers for painting Christmas cookie ornaments????

Candy C. said...

I am intrigued by your apron plans!
I like the "look" of the picture of the boys on the sofa! Would love to see Romeo all grown up!

laughwithusblog said...

I want to know about the feathers!!! :)

Jill said...

Oh I can't wait to see what you're going to do with those feather and to see your apron when completed!

Mama Pea said...

Your denim fabric should make a good, sturdy, serviceable apron. Go for it!

Sterilizing feathers, huh? You're right, I don't have an idea in my head. Do tell.

Dr. Kristy Sipple said...

I know what the feathers are for :) But....I should know, I was there when we used them last yr!

dr momi said...

The feathers are going to be used to "paint" frosting onto gingerbread cookies that will get used as tree decorations. It is a craft that my great grandmother was expert at. A near future post will show what it looks like.

As for the apron....this is going to be interesting. I have no idea what I'm doing. :-)

...and Candy C., I wish I could see Romeo all grown up too. I sold him at 8 months old. I can't remember the persons name who bought him. He was one gorgeous colt!

V.L. Locey said...

Oh cool, never heard of using feathers for that!

Sharon said...

I'm anxious to see how the frosting painting looks. I have a ready supply of feathers (well not so ready - the chickens may not like giving them up) and It looks interesting!

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm so glad our paths have crossed in bloggerland. We lived for 20 years in suburban Milwaukee. I fear that we "ditched" our #4 Jerseys and gave them to Goodwill after the childish behavior of the former quarterback.

I will enjoy reading your archives.

dr momi said...

NCmountainwoman....glad our paths crossed too! Yes-siree all the #4 jerseys are gone here too.
(what a fiasco -- too bad he didn't retire a Packer -- lots of hard feelings)

Check out the label "dogs" on my sidebar to see my Golden "Billy". Love the pictures of your Goldens!

dr momi said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!