Sunday in Pictures

I live in a corn field!
Not really -- we have a strip of 5 acres along the edge of the ridge.
80 acres of corn.  Not ours.  ...and not touched by frost yet.
Two blocks down the hill all the corn has  froze.

My Mom's quilt at the quilt show put on by the Shawano Area Quilters.
Mom in an avid quilter.
 Mom and Dad live 5 minutes from me.

Camouflage duck flock.....sort of.
It's that time of year....getting ready to make the flock smaller.
I really only want to end up with max, 7 ducks for the winter.

....and guess what?  Nine of Nine is a drake.  See the sex feathers that curl up in his tail?
All the boys have them.  Out of the 12 new ducklings this year.  Seven are drakes.
He is one lucky duck.   I don't think two drakes is wise, but I will let him remain. 
Especially since I made such a big deal about him on my blog :-)
Nine of Nine's birth story here.

 Bikes got parked so we (as in grandkids) could take a "walk in the woods".



Jill said...

Great photos. Your Mom's quilt is amazing!

Michaele said...

I live among farm fields that are not mine also. Nice to have your parents so close. I understand about wintering ducks. It is hard for them not to have water to swim in and they poop in the water you give them to drink. I think winter is hard on ducks. The last photo is priceless.

Candy C. said...

Love all the Sunday Pictures! Your mom's quilt is gorgeous!!

labbie1 said...

Your mom is really talented! Wow! So, nine of nine is a boy! Cool! I am noting that the feathers on the heads of some of the ducks really look like little hats on their heads! Must be British! ;-D

dr momi said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Labbie1 -- the grey duck with the fancy top hat in the foreground of the picture we named "Granny" -- my daughter thought it looked like old granny hair LOL. She's staying.

laughwithusblog said...

We miss the Nebraska corn fields. Too bad some froze. :(