Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:


This week's caption is by Jacky over at:

I laughed right out loud Jacky!
Jacky was nominated for the Liebster award,
hop on over and check out the blogs she nominated!

Other captions were:

i'm not a rubber ducky! i don't have a squeaker!
by TexWisGirl over at:

Help! Shes gonna squeeze the poop right out of me!
by Jennifer over at:

What?!? I took out an ad for a personal assistant..Polk-a-dot Coat
Girl here is the only one who answered the ad!
by Melodie over at:

When I said, "Quick! Duck!" That's not what I meant!
by Patrice over at:
Everyday Ruralty

I prefer stripes and earth tones, but if you insist on bright dots, well...

i'm seein' spots...
by mountain mama over at:
mountain mama

You must tell me who dyes your feathers
by jonette

Stripes and polka dots.
by Sandie over at:
Chatty Crone

Loving all the captions everyone!
This is a picture of my granddaughter holding a baby duck.
It may look like the ducking was a little squeezed in,
but I assure you, Gracie was just as gentle as could be.
Look how calm the duckling is! :-)
I particularly like her polk-a-dot coat and the touch of
fingernail polish on her nails :-).

.....dr momi


Jill said...

Great one...AFLAC! Love it.

TexWisGirl said...

too funny! and perfect!

'mirror, mirror, on the wall! who's the fairest of them all?'

gtyyup said...

Love the reflections!!!

"It went over here." "No, it's down here...see?!?"

Candy C. said...

"Hey, I think we're being followed!!"

kare said...

"Does this tail make my butt look big??"

These are funny:))

Michaele said...

Have you tried that new straightening shampoo yet? Works wonders on my tail feathers.

Dicky Bird said...

Hey, thanks for picking me!

This week: "Aw shucks...I bet you say that to all the ganders"

Have a good weekend. I'm off to the DePere antqiue show at St. Norbert's College. Loading my truck today in this beautiful Wisconsin weather!

Chatty Crone said...

Sprucing Up. sandie