Sunday In Pictures

My back porch.
That stuff in the front....salt.
Ask me what my floors look like.

Things are looking  really grey around here.

Except for the touches of blue in the woods.
(No dripping going on.)

Oh....., and the touch of forest green on my driveway.
The ice shacks had to be off the lake by tomorrow.
I now get to look at it until the snow melts enough
to get it "parked in the back".  Yeah.

Then there's this color in the woods.
Any guesses???

I get asked every winter what this is about.
It's right along our driveway.
The young neighbor kids were playing with
colored electrical's been there for 3 years.
I like it :-)
And the trees seem none the worse for the wear.

I guess this has a little color left, but.....
it's still winter here folks. Not complainin'.

.....dr momi


Clint Baker said...

They may have been onto something with the colored electrical tape! I like it as well, My step-dad before he died wouldn't let anyone clean the hand prints of all his grand-kids off the windows in his house. I think they are still there all these years later!

Chatty Crone said...

You got snow! Sandie

Rea said...

I actually like the electrical tape as well. It almost looks like some of the sacred bundles I saw when I went to Devils Tower. Kewl. We had a warm winter this year but just in the past few weeks our snow came back. It is awful grey right now. You're pictures are still lovely, even though they are full of snow.:-)

Mary Ann said...

I like the tape too, but NOT the SNOW!

Jill said...

I really love the ice on the berries!

dr momi said...

Clint....I love that your father-in-law left the prints of the grandkids on the windows. That "got" to me :-)

Sandie....yup we finally got the snow. I can do without all the ice though. Dangerous walking out there.

Rae....the kids next door are Native you think it means something I know nothing about? I'm 1/18th Native American....maybe that's why I like it LOL!

Mary Ann....we had so little snow this year that I haven't gotten sick of it....yet :-)

Jill....the ice is from the snow melting off the roof -- it is kinda pretty.

Mama Pea said...

Thanks for the tour. At least you do have the snow which I think is pretty. Next up? M.U.D. (I'll take the snowy scene any time over the dreaded mud of spring.)

Rain said...

I know what your floors look like--cause I'm sitting here looking at them in my house!!! Think spring-although-MUD!! Have a great week!!~~Rain

TexWisGirl said...

you were cracking me up on the floors, the greenery in your driveway. :)

Prairie Cat said...

Just looking at these photos makes me want to curl up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea.

dr momi said...

Mama Pea....did you have to remind me of the mud??? All I can see in my head is Billy paw prints all over the place :-) sense in cleaning the floors till everything dries up right?? :-)

TexWisGirl....this is not funny LOL! I like the fish though, so I just "deal with it" :-)

Prairie Cat....I've been doing a lot of that yet :-)

Michaele said...

I liked the welcome mat. It says the snow was welcome? Maybe this will be the last snow photos for the winter for you.

Candy C. said...

Your pictures make me cold...brrr!! We are supposed to be in the high 70s here today!

momto8 said...

when the trees in our woods are leafless you can see so my rule is no synthetic material allowed for tarps, no electrical tape, no PVV piping.... their forts now are shrubs and logs..kind of neat to see...pretty soon when the trees are green their forts will be hidden again.

dr momi said...

Michaele....actually the snow was welcome to an extent :-) (I don't like trudging through a foot of snow to the chicken coop though :-)

Candy C. ....Well...Wednesday we are suppose to be in the 50's..and stay there for a while. Maple syrup here we come.

momto8....Haha, good rule :-) Ya, we never see the decorated trees until fall-winter.

Unknown said...


Leontien said...

Oh my you got a lot of snow! Yesterday we got some snow (it pretty much snowed all day but nothing stayed on the ground... which is fine by me! ;-)

Big hugs from Indiana and stay warm!