Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last Week:

                                  "You may want to get mom,
                 I think the dog has given you fleas!"

Last weeks caption is from Clint Baker over at:

I had a great laugh over this one Clint!!

Hop on over to his blog and see his re-purposed
garden chair.  It turned out so cute! 
He's looking for your advise as to how to use it.

Other captions were:

"Now this is a bark-o-lounger!"
by Jacky over at:

Little Guy says to Big Guy, "Well, if I were you, I'd pay to have it
professionally styled."
Dog says, "Maybe if I just ignore both of them, they'll go away."
by Mama Pea over at:

"Dog-on-tired"...aka Dog Gone Tired...:)
by A Quiet Corner over at:

Dude... dont touch the hair
by Jennifer over at:

Someone around here is shedding. Is it you?
by Michaele over at:

"Whadya think, little dude?
Should I get my hair cut or let it grow out?"
by Chicken Mama over at:

Don't worry Bro, just hang with me and the dog,
 the girls won't mind your hair!
by Sall over at: 

                          "Hey, we've got the best seat in the house!"
by Marissa over at: 

What's that smell? Did you do that?"
"No...musta been the dog."
by gtyyup over at:

Mutual Admiration Society.
by Sandie over at:

Thanks for playing everyone!!!
This was a picture of Future Leader Dog Trixy
(now working Leader Dog Trixy) and
Grandsons: Remington and Brayden.
Trixy absolutely did not let them resting on her, interrupt her nap!

.....dr momi


Mama Pea said...

Great choice! SO many good comments on this one!

The new caption: "Ready, set, GO for that worm!"

Jill said...

HEY! Who laid that egg?

labbie1 said...

That is the perfect caption for last week! Great! hehe!

This week: Henny Penny clucked, "I TOLD you the sky was falling!"

Kim said...

Hmm, have you ever seen a hen lay something like THAT before??

Dicky Bird said...

Let me tell you a secret...the next one to take my egg is gonna get it!

rugosarosefarm said...

It looks like she is telling them some kind of story "...and that is why the chicken really crossed the road."

TexWisGirl said...

really cute for last week!

Candy C. said...

Great caption from last week and I love this week's picture! The hen definitely looks like she is trying to get them in on some kind of conspiracy! LOL!!

DebH said...

Now children, while looking closely you'll have an opportunity to use those talons of yours. Be ready. Scratch and peck, scratch and peck. Its all in the timing...

Jen said...

A worm? Wheres a worm? I dont see no worm....

Unknown said...

Your going to plant that?

Dean said...

I remember when I was a kid, back before X-Box ...

Leigh said...

Can ya eat it?

Unknown said...

Need a caption?
Come on girl. Lay another egg. You can do it. Give us one more for the kids. Just one more little egg.

Jonette said...

Get back, that worm is mine!