Sunday in Pictures

So.....this was the "dusting of snow" we got on Friday.
I took this shot as I was leaving town to go "up north"
for a three day weekend with some  friends.

I traveled straight up the middle of Wisconsin
on Highway 51.  Had to go through the town of
Mercer -- the "Loon Capitol of the World".  This big loon was at their
Chamber of Commerce.  They call it ClaireD 'Loon.
Only in Wisconsin....:-)

....and this big statue of Chief Hiawatha was in Ironwood, Michigan. (Upper Michigan)
LOL....only in Michigan???
He's not even on a main highway....right in the middle of a neighborhood.

This is the backside the neighbors get to look at out their windows.
I suppose you'd get used to it. :-)

My trip ended at Big Powderhorn Ski Resort at a friends ski chalet.
No I did not ski. I lounged :-)
I did play with Future Leader Dog Kimber.
Kimber goes back to Leader Dogs For The Blind in
Rochester Michigan in about a month and a half.

 .....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

you got to see some cool stuff! :)

Mama Pea said...

Sounds like a great getaway. Hope you had a great time and came back home relaxed and refreshed!

pattib said...

Yay! Nice trip....Hi FLD Kimber! (from FLD Scout)

Rae said...

What a nice escape. We got some of that dusting too, along with a lot of wind, and some really cold temps. Guess winter isn't ready to give up the ghost yet.

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

Very cool pictures! The snow looks pretty!

Clint Baker said...


Melodie said...

The snow is beautiful! The Indian is funny! Of course we Have Big Tex here but he is at the fair grounds. My relaxing week end would have to not involve skiing too,lol,I trip walking across the yard!

Candy C. said...

That was some "dusting" of snow!
The big loon and Indian are kinda neat, in a redneck kind of way! ;-)

Rea said...

Looks like you had a nice trip. We got that same "dusting" of snow. I was getting my tires rotated and I kept watching it snow harder and harder. I was thinking, 'hurry up, I want to get home before it gets bad.' And all we were suppose to get was a few flurries!

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I love the loon.

Roxey Lucey said...

I recognized the loon in Mercer right away. We stayed at a cottage once there. It was a vacation taken right out of the movie Summer Vacation.

labbie1 said...

Kimber is quite the handsome pup! Those were some interesting items that you found along the way!

BTW, how does one get a pup that "flunks out" of the helper dog program? Not looking right now, but would love to know for the future.

dr momi said...

labbie1....the best way to get a pup that gets Career Changed is to know someone that is raising the pups. Leader Dogs For The Blind has a VERY LONG waiting list for those that would like a career changed pup.

Unknown said...

That had to be a really fun and interesting trip! And the snow didn't keep you from going.

labbie1 said...

dr momi--I bet that is true! Like I said, we aren't looking at present, but I just wanted to know for the future. Thanks! The work you are doing with the pups is going to make someone very happy and make their life so much easier. Bless you!

Unknown said...

What a great trip! But fear not, we got your "dusting" after they predicted a "winter weather advisory" sayin 5-8 inches!!! What we got was a sprinkling like confectioner's sugar...)JP

Rachael said...

The scenery looks beautiful, far nicer than grey and miserable England! I'm longing for some sun.Rx

Chatty Crone said...

You did get a little snow - nice photos. sandie