Med Kit Staple...Grapefruit Seed Extract

     I keep grapefruit seed extract in my medicine cabinet as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  When I owned the health food store, I had a chance to try out many products.  This is one product that really stands out. (and I'm not even getting compensated to say this :-)   To me, every medicine cabinet should have some.

....I use grapefruit seed extract (NOT grapefruit extract - two different products) in the water I store for emergencies.  Studies have shown it to be superior in antimicrobial activity than isopropyl alcohol, colloidal silver, and chlorine bleach.

....I use it in a nasal wash to keep sinusitis under control.  It has stopped a beginning cold many times. It kills the virus.

....I have used it as a dog ear wash for those nasty ear infections.  Within 2 washes it is generally under control -- because it kills the fungus.  I will buy a bottle of ear wash over the counter, and then add a couple drops of grapefruit seed extract to the bottle. (shake well)

....Ringworm (animal or human).....grapefruit seed extract.

....I take it on trips where I will be drinking different water.  A little "off" stomach in Mexico -- clears right up with the grapefruit seed extract.  I never go on a trip without it. Grapefruit seed extract has "saved" a vacation or two.  It kills parasites.

     Grapefruit seed extract has a very long shelf life.  Tests have shown that a 6 year old batch is just as potent as a brand new batch.  This makes storing it very practical.  NEVER use grapefruit seed extract full strength.  It is very bitter and acid. (but it alkalizes the blood)  I only use one or two drops in 4 oz. or more of liquid.  So a little bottle goes a long way.

     Here's the very cool part of it all. Grapefruit seed extract is non-toxic and has no known side effects!  Somehow it seems to differentiate between the good bacteria in the gut and the bad bacteria.  The good bacteria seem to thrive with it.  Regular antibiotics are non-discriminating, they kill both the good and the bad bacteria.  Hence the need to "eat your yogurt " after regular antibiotics.

     Do some reading up on it, there's many more things it can be used for,....I think you'll add it to your home med supplies (and your vet supplies) too.

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TexWisGirl said...

thank you for the tip! next time i'm in dallas, i might have to stop and pick some up!

Poppy said...

I knew grapefruit seed extract was an antimicrobial but I wasn't aware it stays potent for so long! Thank you for this helpful posting!


Unknown said...

Wow! So if a person had a severely low white blood count(the neutrophils, often associated with but not necessarily caused by a reaction to chemo)and had to be very careful about contact with bacteria and fungi, this would be an important thing to add to the medicine cabinet!

Little Patch of Heaven Homestead said...

I've heard of folks using it to treat chickens for various maladies. I guess I didn't realize it could be beneficial to us as well. I'll have to look into this. We're always needing to treat colds and sinus infections each winter. Antibiotics are given out way too often these days. Thanks for posting about this!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Why dont I have this? Do you think most health food stores will carry it? I must get some now. Thanks for the tips.

Rae said...

That's great info. I didn't know about grapefruit seed extract. I'll be getting some of it now. Thanks.

dr momi said...

TexWisGirl....with your dogs swimming in that pond all the time, I would really look into it!'s long shelf life makes it great for storing for emergencies.

Ronda....if it were me, I would fill a spray bottle with water and grapefruit seed extract...and "spray things" :-)

Little Patch Of Heaven....what made me think of posting it was I had just used it for a scratchy throat coming on. Worked like a charm.

Jane....I do think most health food stores would carry it. --- or I'm sure lots of places on the internet would have it. I think it's a great product just to use with the animals if nothing else.

Rae....glad to be of some help lol!

labbie1 said...

Okay--this is awesome!

I have used the grapefruit extract but not the grapefruit seed extract.

I love my netti pot. So you are saying that you use it in a netti? How much do you use per cup of water? And do you also use the saline mix as well?

What size bottle of dog ear wash do you buy when you add a couple of drops to it? And do you just have to wash the ear, or do you have to clean it with q-tips and cotton balls as well? I have been using zymox HC for my dog's ears and it works great without having to dig and clean. Just put it in and it cleans everything out. I am sure interested in the grapefruit seed extract though.

This sounds great! I am going to definitely look into it for my medicine chest!

Can't wait to hear the answers to my queries! :)

dr momi said... sure could use it in the nettie pot with saline solution. I'd probably not use more than 2 drops in the whole pot. Mix it well. I personally have it in a spray bottle with water and just spray a little into my palm and then "snuff" it, one nostril at a time.

In a 4 oz. bottle of dog ear wash I'll put 2-3 drops. Shake it well. I'd still use cotton balls, but you won't have to do it very often.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Wow, thank you for the tip. I now use Colloidal silver for sore throats. It works great. I always keep it in the I have something else to add...and natural.

Candy C. said...

I will be picking up a bottle of this when I go to the co-op Saturday! Thanks for the info! :)

dr momi said...

Treasures Evermore....I make colloidal silver also to have in the house, but, the new info out there is that when you take it internally it also kills the good bacteria. (this is contrary to what a lot of people may tell you.) I'll be keeping them both in the house however!

Candy C.'ll use it!

Brooke said...

This is one of the staples of my medicine cabinet! It will keep you from getting something if you take it as soon as you start feeling a little 'off'. Just make sure you are taking enough. It also tastes NASTY! But it works and that makes it worth it!

labbie1 said...

Thanks so much! I am going to find some around here somewhere! :) Or order some...

3rnigerians said...

Dear Dr. Momi.
I hope you know that I really enjoy your blog. I learned more about canning last season from you than from any other source. I am awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award. You write about so many important issues, like this article today about grapefruit extract. Please hop on over to my blog to pick up your award. I hope it's not too big of an inconvenience to you. Congratulations, You deserve it! Have a great day. Heidi

Mama Pea said...

We have it in our house, too, but I did not know it would be good for dogs' ear infections! Our Pudel Pointer had terrible problems with her ears when she was young and we sure could have used this. Thanks for sharing all this info.

Michaele said...

I have some of this : )

Roxey Lucey said...

Never heard of it! I will put it on my list

Gorges Smythe said...

WELL,...I certainly learned something new today!

dr momi said...'re telling me it's nasty if you take it full strength!! :-) Warning to everyone, only use drops diluted in liquid -- water, or juice if drinking!

labbie1.... glad to hear you're going to stock it.

Heidi....Thank-you so much for the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. Sure hope to get more canning posts out there soon :-)

Mama is amazing how many things can be tended with grapefruit seed extract.

Roxey need it :-)'ll have to post how you use it sometime!

Gorges Smythe....Haha..glad to be of assistance :-)

Susie Swanson said...

I've always heard this about the the grapefruit..thanks for the very interesting and useful post..and for your visit and kind words on mine.. I'm your new follower..Susie

dr momi said...


Marillyn Beard said...

We always have a bottle of this stuff too. We are missionaries in Honduras and basically try to keep it in our system 24/7. A little goes a long way. Best to use it to prevent parasites too. That's why we use it daily.

Unknown said...

Loved your tip and all your readers' comments. Haven't found it yet locally. Going online today. Must spray! Feeling fine, though!

Unknown said...

Your salesmanship has to be amazing. I ordered some GSE just like yours after I couldn't find any locally. I wonder, just how many people have you inspired to try this!? As a further precaution, I'm going to do everything you suggest!

dr momi said...

Marillyn....a great testimony to it's effect on parasites....thanks so much for commenting!

Ronda....just being myself :-), I love this stuff. Glad you got some ordered!

labbie1 said...

Just received my GSE today! YAY! I got the 1 oz for my 72 hour kit, a 2 oz for my small camper and the 4 oz for our home! Now to brush up on all the uses.

I googled uses, but I am having trouble finding clear and concise instructions like you gave. There was a book at the place I ordered the product, but they were out of stock.

Do you have a suggestion for a book or website?

dr momi said...

labbie1....the best thing I ever saw about all it's uses was a pamphlet that Nutribiotic put out along with all the studies that were done on it. Maybe a health food store could ask the company for the info. (that's what we did when I owned the store)I've never seen the book. Here is a website that had quite a few uses on it

Keep searching!