A Week of Country Living

     My mother's, granddaughter's, mother-in-law's, daughter  is starting a new linky party today, so I thought I'd hook-up. Here's my week in pictures.

Most of my week I have been editing pictures
for the e-book that I'm writing.

Of course Billy would bug me every once in awhile to go throw the ball.
See that line of weeds?  He pretends he's flushing a bird and jumps
probably 6 feet in the air over them, to fetch the ball.  Silly dog.

The chickens have been totally enjoying this warm weather.
However, the warm weather means I REALLY have to get out there
and clean the coop.  I've been avoiding it all week.  Must do it today.

I helped my Dad buy a new Kindle Fire for himself.
I LOVE the one I got for Christmas from my husband.

....dr momi

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TexWisGirl said...

love your chicks enjoying their scratching. and of course your sweet pup!

Jill said...

Your pup is so cute! Love all of the photos. Great job.

Rae said...

Love the title of your e-book and that is one cute puppy too. You have had a busy week. I have a Kindle Fire and use mine everyday. It is great entertainment. Your dad will have a good time with his.
I just noticed your left sidebar. LOL!! You keep that reminder now. I am going to need someone to prod me into decorating for Christmas.

dr momi said...

LOL Rae!....I do believe you had a post that said to remind you to decorate next year. How am I going to do that without a note for myself?? :-) .....Actually the picture isn't my title but rather a "chapter". I'll be tootin' my own horn about the title soon!

Candy C. said...

Good idea to show what happened for the week in pictures! :)

Prairie Cat said...

I really need to clean out my coop, too. This warm weather sure is making it smelly.

Unknown said...

The puppy is precious as are the other photos...good job!...:)JP

Mary Ann said...

I wanna hear about the book!!!!! How COOL!!!!!

labbie1 said...

That puppy is too cute! :)

Your adult golden must be quite the athlete!

Cleaning the chicken coop...uh...

Hope your dad likes his Kindle Fire. I have a Kindle Touch. LOVE IT!