Need A Funny Caption

What's your caption for this week?

Last week:

I will do ANYTHING for that liver and bacon you're making.

Last times caption is by Lois over at:

Please hop on over to her blog and check out all the
wild flowers along the Ohio River....I totally enjoyed it!
Great caption Lois!

Other captions were:

"Please, Lord, please, please, please let them notice me when they
get home. I promise I'll be a good boy and not get in the
garbage or tear anything up."
By RiverBend Farm over at:

"What do you think? I don't think my double chin is very
noticeable at all if I sit like this."
By Mama Pea over at:

                                 "Oh please.I'll be a good boy,I promise"
By Rebecca

                                          For meeeee pleeeaassee
By Fern Valley over at:

Mom, where the heck are my Depends?
By JP over at:

"Where is that beautiful light coming from?"
By Candy C. over at:

Please feed me!
By Sandie over at:

                                               "....I am sitting pretty."
By Jacky over at:

"I got to wee"
By Doc over at:

This is a picture of our golden Billy when he was a pup. 
 He can still do a great "puppy-dog" look to try
to get whatever people food there is!
Thanks for playing Need A Funny Caption everyone!!!

.....dr momi


RiverBend Farm said...

Kitten caption:
"Now if I can scrunch a little bit more to my left...yep, that's it. I don't think they can see me.."

TexWisGirl said...

'Me's big wildcat! RARRR!'

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Do I look like a cat or a squirrel?

I hope you're doing well and enjoying your Thursday

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, I'm so glad you liked my caption last week. :)

This week, I would guess kitty is saying, "I just LOVE this tree I'm hugging."

judy said...

you may have escaped Tom ,but you Jerry are my next delicious meal, if only I could lift my other leg around here ,"darn that last can of tuna mom fed me......

Candy C. said...

"I KNOW I got up here all by myself but PLEASE help me get down!!"

Marissa @Life On Our Mountain said...

Kitty talking to himself (or herself)...

"Don't look down! Don't look down!"

Mama Pea said...

"No, I'm not stuck. Why do you ask?"