Sunday In Pictures

I'd like you all to meet Zsa-Zsa.
100 % French Angora.
 Sherman's wife....due mid July
with little fiber bunnies :-)
I did buy a 90 % German Angora
baby also -- sold to me as a wooler (no papers).
I won't be breeding her till this fall or next spring.

Sherman is 1/2 inch away from being ready to shear.
Don't you just want to feel it?
I bought a new-used carding machine and
can't wait to blend his color with a forest green
dyed alpaca/wool blend.  .....ready to experiment!

On a side note....Zsa-Zsa was the first girl that Sherman
ever bred.  He knew just what to do :-)
....and I got an education on how rabbits "do it".
They fall over at the end....very weird to see!!!

Our multi-family garden.
4 of the 5 kids are taking care of their own small gardens here. part of the garden is NOT in the foreground :-)
In the back is the sweet corn for everyone.
My husband plants and tends it.
We have a saying around here that the corn needs to be
"knee high by the 4th of July".  Well, this year it
is already waist high and starting to tassel.

The pumpkin patch is on the plot of land
 that the pigs cleared last year.
The kids (adults) are competing to see
who can grow the biggest pumpkin.
Rabbit manure has been in high demand!
(We may be ready for pigs again next summer.
This worked excellent for clearing
quack grass without spraying.) husband and I were trying to figure out what
made this track in the garden.  I thought maybe
a bunny.  He then informed me that it would have had to
been a 100 # bunny to make such a deep impression. :-)
Did we do it with the hoe? --- couldn't duplicate it.
It's about 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.

(I think it's the heel of a boot/shoe.....but who's?)
.....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

no idea on the track. but your garden looks good! that's cool that the kids come back to join in and grow, too.

Lois Evensen said...

Love those bunnies and can't wait to see what you make with the fur!!! :))

Happy Sunday,

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Zsa-Zsa looks like she lives up to her name, what a beautiful bunny!

I have garden envy too! LOL!!!

Carol Urban said...

It's a deer track. You should be hunting those, too. Good meat and free except for the hunting license and bullets.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The bunnies and your garden look great!! I've no idea about the print...Bigfoot maybe? :-)

dr momi said...

Tex....the garden is loving warm days and a little rain everyday. This is after that long dry spell. Boy I'm glad not to have to haul that hose around!

Lois....I'm just as excited to see what I make with that bunny wool

Ocean Breezes....Zsa-Zsa is a beauty. The previous owner told me not to be alarmed when she made her nest -- that she pulled most of her hair out to make it. LOL....might take her a while to be beautiful again :-)

Carol....LOL, Carol, that's what I thought too at first. We found out tonight that it was the heel of my son's size 13 Nike shoes!!! The sole of the print was washed away in the rain. We've had a good laugh over it. (we eat LOTS of venison around here too!)

Kim....I'm glad you can't see too many of the weeds in the garden
:-). My son said he ws going to walk around the garden on his heels just to freak us out :-)

Michaele said...

I love the feel of angora. Lucky you to get to work with it. How neat that all your adult kids are close enough to garden together. I think that is very unique.

judy said...


pattib said...

Your garden is wonderful, and how great to share with family. LOVE your pumpkin patch! Thanks for sharing. (Our corn is over knee-high, too! Much better June so far, with rain when we needed it.)

Candy C. said...

Yes, I want to pet Sherman...for, like, half an hour! :)
Great looking garden! I love that ya'll tend it together!

dr momi said... is so much fun on Sunday nights when all the kids are here, to see the grandkids eating carrots just pulled from their garden (or peas). Last night the two 3 yr. olds were helping to plant a second crop of beans. Good learning!

judy....BigFoot indeed!!!! LOL! His dad is size 12...not sure where the size 13 came from :-)

pattib....we will choose a certain Sun. night to harvest all the pumpkins with the grandkids. Great fun!
....and yes June was a whole lot better than May as far as rain goes!

Candy C ....Sherman would love it if you petted him for 1/2 hour :-). I swear the bunnies just soak up the petting (either that or they are scared out of their brains and just not moving when we hold them :-)
I'll say it again....glad you can't see the weeds :-) You'll notice later there will be no garden pictures....too embarrased to show the weeds LOL!~

Leontien said...

The garden looks great! i harvested our first cucumbers today!!! whoohoo!!

and yes.... maybe a boot or something...???

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh the ninnies are soooo cute! They look so soft! Your family's garden looks absolutely wonderful!