Crafting With Tansy

     It grew in the ditch 1/4 mile away, but that wasn't good enough for me.  How much easier it would be if I had it growing right here in my garden.    .......don't do what I did.  I planted a packet of seed. Where I got it from I can't remember, but, a little warning on the packet would have been nice.  If you let one tansy flower go to seed you will be sorry.  It is a perennial -- and they will be everywhere -- to the point of taking over a field. (unless of course you use sprays)

     The reason I like tansy is it makes such a beautiful dried flower.  I particularly like to make wreaths in the fall, and the homey yellow of the tansy really is a nice touch.

     As an herb, tansy can make you quite sick (fatal in large doses).  In years gone by it was used to worm animals, (and people) and to help keep flies away.  I wouldn't experiment on my animals or myself, and I've tried the fly keeping away thing....not really helpful by my standards.  So, in my opinion, don't give it to your animals or try drinking it yourself.

Tansy is just starting to flower here

Tansy usually grows in "patches" in the ditches.
It's not in the farmers field only because they spray.

The leaves need to get stripped. 
Use your thumb and forefinger to strip the leaves all the way down the stem. 
 Tansy is very aromatic, and I am sure some of those volatile oils are absorbed through your skin. 
No big deal except if I was pregnant I would not do it. 
 If you are pregnant, leave the leaf stripping to someone else.

Tansy has to be hung upside down until it
is dry.  When it is dry it will hold it's shape.
I keep it on long stems in case I want to use it
in a flower arrangement instead of a wreath.
     Later this fall I'll make grapevine wreaths and show you what it looks like all "done up" with dried flowers.

.....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

oh i remember squeezing the yellow heads between my fingers as a kid! thanks for that memory! haven't seen this plant in ages!

TexWisGirl said...

would you consider taking off word verification since you moderate comments too? just a friendly request is all...

dr momi said...

Your wish has been granted texwisgirl :-)

Dicky Bird said...

I love Tansy for crafting too.

Candy C. said...

We don't have tansy growing here, sure is pretty! Looking forward to seeing it used in your wreaths.

Nancy C said...

My dear mother in law gave me a tansy plant one year... you know the rest. It is very pretty, but I do need to get rid of some before it takes over my yard. :)

A Few Pennies said...

Love your post; I used to dry many herbs and flowers (and just plain ol' weeds) for my wreaths and floral arrangements several years ago. Was good money back then! I still dry several botanicals for myself and friends. I love it--your post hits home for me!