Sunday in Pictures

Drying lots of oregano, a bit of horsetail, and elderberry flowers.
The oregano has to keep being turned when drying like this.

Granddaughter Gracie had fun lining up all the
decorative bunnies she found in the garage.

Future Leader Dog Butsch and I (and the rest of the puppies in our
 raising group) had to walk in the Brussels Lions Club parade today. 
It was hot!  Thank goodness it was short.
It was Helen Keller that originally challenged the Lions
to do something big for the blind.  That's when Leader Dogs
For The Blind came into being.

Rick finished stacking the 15 cords of wood we bought.
This is only part of it.  We shouldn't run out this year!

Short and sweet today.....I'm beat :-)

.....dr momi

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TexWisGirl said...

i bet! the sweet girl surrounded by a wild herd of bunnies is just too cute!

Candy C. said...

Looks like a busy day!

Leigh said...

I love your bunny collections! (I'm an old softie for bunnies as I used to keep angora rabbits). Tell Gracie thank you for showing them to us!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Grandkids are so much fun I'd be lost without mine! Your German shepherd is one handsome pup! Makes me miss ours, he was with us for 13 years.