Need a Funny Caption

......because we all need to laugh a little.

Did someone say "shot gun wedding"?

Last weeks caption coined by Dicky Bird
over at Dicky Bird's Nest

(You have got to read all the captions in the comments
from last week.  They will have you rolling!)

What's your caption for this week?


Bee Lady said...

Hi Dr. Momi,
Thanks for commentng on my blog. I was looking through your last few posts. I never knew that about Tansy. And I'd love to learn how to make Mead wine. I'm going to have to go through your blog and check out some of your older posts. I haven't been canning this year, but in years past, I've done a ton of it. We're building a house this year, so I've had to put a lot on the back burner. My husband hunts deer and fishes, all on our land and in our own pond, so I'm looking forward to looking through your blog and checking out some of your recipes and such. Cindy Bee

TexWisGirl said...

damn! forgot to take my retainer out this morning!

dr momi said...

Hi Cindy....sounds like we will enjoy each others blog. I need help with bees!...I'm just going to start some canning posts -- stay tuned :-)

dr momi said...

Texwisgirl --- you are too funny! Here I'm thinking no one is going to have anything funny to say about this picture -- and then you have me laughing out loud! :-)

Dicky Bird said...

Yay! I finally won! Thanks for picking mine last week. For this week: "over the river and thru the snow to grandpuppa's house we go" you have to sing it....Blessings from Ringle.

Leigh said...

No funny caption but I love the pictures!

loves2spin said...

Hey guys! Look what I got!!!!