Sunday in Pictures

I spent 3 days becoming a "Master Food Preserver" last week.
(I thought it was only a "Master Canner"....turns out I'm MORE than that... lol!)
It was 3 days of intense dehydrating & canning, along with class,
 "homework", and a "final".  .... I passed :-)
 I will write a post on all the neat tips I learned .

Twenty-one of us canned all this the last 2 days.

.....and dehydrated all of this the 1st day.
(Yup that's jerky on the end.)
The grandbabies gobbled up all the fruit leather and dried pineapple I brought home.

This was one hot (literally) tree frog this afternoon.
I'm pretty sure he is not the one that hopped a ride on me
last night as I walked in the door!   *scream*
It is "tree frog city" around here lately!

The kidde pool was filled this evening and
the water fights began.

Things got a little more intense when Uncle Matt got in the picture.

Pretty intense.....

We interrupt this water fight for Dairy Queen ice cream cake!
It was Uncle Danny's birthday.

                                         Hope everyone is staying c-o-o-l .

.....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

oh cute. love the toad/frog too!!!

Dicky Bird said...

I want to take that class. Did you just call your local extension office? If you sell at farmer's markets in WI do you need this class?? I think so....Thanks.

dr momi said...

texwisgirl.....tree frog--I fixed that. Either way, we are on overload over here! :-)

Dicky Bird.....I would call your extension agent. The class is given by Barb Ingham, PhD the extension food scientist for the state of Wis. She was a great teacher, answered every question I had. I'm assuming you mean selling canned goods at a farmers market....I would take the class whether you have to or not....just lots of good info. (I do know the canning has to be done in a certified kitchen.)I don't think they have it every year in our area, it bounces around the state.

Blessings from Bonduel :-)

V.L. Locey said...

Great images! Love the pool party!

Candy C. said...

I bet you had a good time taking the class, looking forward to hearing some of the tips you picked up! The kids sure look like they had a fun day in the water!

Leigh said...

Wow, that is one impressive table of canned goods! And dried goods too. Would love to learn how to make jerky (hint, hint). I imagine you were ready for some fun in the pool too. :)