Garden Invaders

     I tried that video tape fencing.  It sure does shine and shimmer, and make a noise in even a slight breeze.

     It did not break or stretch, and was easy to put up.  I only used two old video tapes I bought for 25 cents each at a rummage sale.    ..............but,.....and it's a big but, sure doesn't keep out the ducks!  Chickens were a bit more cautious, but give them time and I'm sure they will be in the garden too.  Looks like I will be buying net electric fence to keep them out. (all ducks and chickens are back in  their pens for now....awwhhh.)

    Look who else has been in the garden......

....a wild turkey.
Rick says it's a hen.  She probably has her nest close by.
Oh yeah....I'm sure she'll be bringing the babies around soon.

.....and a deer (or two or three)

.....and the fox.
I'm sure she is making a round every night.
Never know when I'll leave that chicken coop door open!

  I may put my small experimental fence up on the other side of the garden and see if it does anything with deer, turkeys, and fox.......not too hopeful.

.....dr momi


Lisa said...

We've had good success at keeping animals out of the garden with fruit tree netting. It's relatively inexpensive and can be re-used. We tie it to the fence post with zip-strips. The only things that's gotten in is the neighbors cow one years but that was a mess altogether!

TexWisGirl said...

oh well. besides a lot of time, at least you didn't invest a lot of money in this test. sorry it didn't work!

dr momi said...

Lisa...I'm going to give that try! ---- my brain didn't even go there! didn't even really take a lot of time, if it had worked it would have been a great asset for garden time. I'm always game to try though!

Mama Pea said...

There's no way around the hassle of keeping critters out of the garden. It's a battle!

dr momi said...

Mama Pea...Rick's thoughts on critters in the garden.."Well, they have to eat too." Good thing we have a big garden to account for feeding them every year! :-)

Monica said...

interesting. never heard of this before. I have small raised beds this year. my chickens haven't found them yet as they are kind of out of the way. You have a nice blog here! Will be back again!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

We have to make our veg plot like Fort Knox - mind you, our greatest danger is the wind; then we have rabbits, butterflies...grrrrrrr!