Sunday in Pictures

I spent the weekend at Holy Name Retreat House
on Chambers Island.  Chambers Island is in the middle of Green Bay
(the water) just off the small town of Fish Creek in Door County.
Door County is the "thumb" of the state of Wisconsin.
I came home refreshed spiritually and physically.

I drove in the driveway, opened the car door, and Ryan said,
"Grandma can we hold a baby duck?"

Supper was waiting, --- the first salmon of the season.
"Simple Salmon" on the grill, garlic bread, dilly beans, and strawberries.

After supper everyone goes out to weed the garden.

Grandson Ryan watches daddy, and wishes he could do it.

We gave Ryan a hoe and he went at the pathway.
Kept him busy for a long time :-)

There was the usual rough housing.

Granddaughter Gracie spent 1/2 hour "refusing to eat".
Her mom said if you don't eat your supper -- no dessert.
She finally broke down and gobbled her supper.
She got a cookie and wanted a popsicle
"for her other hand" :-)

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TexWisGirl said...

two fisted desserts. gotta love it.