My Apron Reveal

I decided to use some fabric I picked up at Goodwill about 3 years ago.
I found out why there was "over 10 yards" of material.  At the fold of the material it
was all faded.  I'm sure a store found it at the end of a bolt and donated it.
Of course I didn't see it until after everything was cut out and some of the hems
were already done.  Good thing I'm a "faded jeans" kinda girl.
I just went with the flow.

Remember I don't sew.  I didn't even have any straight pins!
...and I didn't buy any either :-)

I did buy two different EASY  (r-i-g-h-t) patterns.
I went with the striped apron from the pattern on the left.

I had to dig my iron out of the depths of a cupboard because
I used hemming tape for all my edges. I didn't use any duct tape....I know you were all
looking forward to seeing that LOL!

I knew there was no way those tie seams would stay together while
I turned them inside out with just hemming tape.
I had to go on to another plan.
I used grommets and cotton rope for the neck and waist ties.
Oh....and all 4 grommets I put in backwards!!  I planned it that way....right.

And For The Drumroll Please!!!!

This is my daughter Kristy laughing her head off
when we figured out where the tassels ended up!  LOL
....and this is not where the tassels ended up on me LOL!
And there is no way I could have doubled the waist ties and
tied them in the front!
She tried it on at our cookie decorating party.
You should have heard all us girls cackle!!!

Now....quit looking at the tassles and notice the cute
blue checked pockets. (Had no idea I could do that.)
Oh....and notice the faded "fold" right down the middle :-).
(This was before I had the bottom hem done.)

Will I wear it for Thanksgiving??
Aahhh....not until those tassels get fixed !!

I had fun making it!
Hop on over to Susan's to see all the others!



Judy T said...

I don't know- with those tassels, it could double as a belly dancing costume.
Honestly- it looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Those tassles do make a fashion statement. :)
Thanks for the giggles this morning!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

HA! I love it . The pockets are wonderful, and what can I say about the tassels. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER. Your apron just makes you smile.

TexWisGirl said...

ROFLMAO!!! oh, tears in my eyes! thanks for this!!!!

dr momi said...

Haha...I'm laughing all over again reading your comments LOL!!

Unknown said...

Great job...and leave those tassels in will give the family something to talk about. Just does look great though.

Carolyn said...

Those tassles have GOT to stay there! :)

Very durable, yet sexy at the same time! Who would'a thunk it?

Mama Pea said...

Who woulda thought a bunch of crazy homestead-y women could create so much laughter by trying to make aprons??! (Methinks it would be downright dangerous for all of us to actually get together in person some day. Somebody would hyperventilate and die from laughing . . . or at least pee their pants.)

BUT . . . where's the picture of YOU so we have a face to put with your writing? Please? (You hear me, too, Jane???)

dr momi said...

Mama pea....wouldn't we all have a blast getting together! .....OK...picture coming on the day I get my 100th follower. It's coming right up!! What say you Jane??

dr momi said...

Carolyn and Simply Scaife Family.....I think I'm not brave enough to wear the tassles :-) I'll fix it up and use it at the Farmer's Market next year.....

Candy C. said...

OMG, those tassels are just hilarious!! :)
Very creative using the hemming tape and grommets! Just see what a Farmgirl can do when she applies herself!!

charlotte's menagerie said...

It is a great service to others to cause laughter. Yes the tassels made me laugh. I do like the checked pockets.
Thanks for the comment on my blog and idea for a hay feeder for my goats.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Dr. Kristy Sipple said...

I can't believe you used my picture!!! LOL

Debbie said...

hahaha....awesome!! checkered pockets?? do you really think anyone is looking at the pockets!!

laughwithusblog said...

lol Oh thanks for the laugh! The tassels were the first thing I noticed! Too funny!

dr momi said... all still have me laughing!!

Debbie....I know, NO ONE is looking at the pockets LOL!