Sunday in Pictures

........on Monday.  I had major problems with the internet on Sunday, I could not get on blogger.  Seems the powers that be have it fixed this morning.

Had a little chaos Sunday night.
Tried to take a Christmas Card picture of all the grandkids.
Check out Zoe ripping that santa hat off her head.

They all had bells to ring.
I think Gracie is not happy with her bell.
Silly adults......what makes you think they are all going to look at the camera???

Before the "picture",  they all got
to put the ornaments on the
"kids" tree up in the loft.

....and place the kids manger scene out.
Gracie places the angel.

So....Mary and Joseph and Jesus,
and 100 animals worshipping with the kings and shepherds.
I just said to Rick....I think we need a stable to "lift"
the Holy Family above the worshippers :-)
The kids had a blast putting it out. didn't know there was an anteater at the stable?

Knowing we would never get a picture with them all looking at the camera, I learned
how to do my first collage on Picasa 3.
Left to right on the top:  Zoe, Ryan, Brady, Remington
Logan, Grace, Brayden, and Riley.

I've told you all I have 10 grandchildren.......
8 on the ground, 2 cooking.


TexWisGirl said...

the first couple of group shots made me laugh! like herding cats! :) such great looking, happy kids!

dr momi said...

LOL....exactly like herding cats Tex!!

Anonymous said...

You have a good looking bunch of grandkids!
Very cute!

(An anteater at the manger? ha! I learn something new everyday!)

Michaele said...

Oh aren't you smart! I had a horrible time with Christmas pictures last year and they were all above the age of 14. I just LOVE the 100 worshipers. You must be a wonderful grandma : )

dr momi said...

Thanks Marissa

Thanks Michaele

All the animals worshipping started last year and I loved it enough to make it a yearly tradition. There's crocodiles...zebras....lions..a little bit of everything. I'm sure all creation rejoiced when Jesus was born!

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing Jean !
What a great looking bunch of kids

Candy C. said...

Great idea with the collage! Although, the first picture is REALLY cute! :)

Roxey Lucey said...

I do like the first one also, but your collage is really cute too. All creation is *still* rejoicing!