Need a Funny Caption

OK then, my daughter just called me and said, "Mom you already had that picture on Need a Funny Caption"!  I did???  Well, let's chock that up to old brain.  For all of you that didn't see it back a ways, give me your captions.  I'll leave it up for a couple of days and give you a new picture, oh say, Thursday.  Sorry about that.      .......I haven't done that any other time have I???

What's your caption for this week?

Last week:

"Please make sure the water isn't cold this time."

LOL Good one Mama Pea!
Check out her blog over at:
A Home Grown Journal

I also enjoyed:

"Am I in puppy timeout???"
"See Ma, I picked up my toys!"
                                                   This is a picture of Future Leader Dog
Trixy who is now Leader Dog Trixy.
(She's a working dog now.)



TexWisGirl said...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away... wonder if it works for vets?

Candy C. said...

Yep, I remember this one! ;-)

Rose said...

I know you done chose a comment, but mine would have been 'over the lips and through the gums, watch out tummy cause here it comes...'

dr momi said...

Haha...and I would have picked that one Rose!!!