Sunday in Pictures

An exact quote....."You found an iron? 
I didn't know we owned an iron."  .......Rick (my husband)

The iron was needed for my apron.
I had to dig for it, but I found it.

A wolf?.....No, just a melted Butsch track.  (A quarter would fit in the bottom pad print)
We had 5 inches of snow on Wednesday.  Still a lot on the ground.

Today we (Butsch and I) had "puppy class".  Once a month all the area Leader Dog
 for the Blind raisers get together for some obedience training etc.  We were up in Door county
in Sturgeon Bay.  (Door county is the peninsula between Green Bay ...the water, and Lake
Michigan.)  We stopped in at the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department.  The puppies get to
experience the firefighters all dressed up in their gear.  I wasn't sure what Butsch would do.
Turns out he loved him :-)  He was trying to kiss the fireman, but the fireman doesn't look too sure!!

Youngest Grandson Brady is laughing and cooing up a storm.
He's almost 3 months old.
Already a Packer fan :-)



TexWisGirl said...

LOL at the iron quote! ours sits out by i refuse to use it!!!

Jill said...

Brady is a little doll baby!

Dicky Bird said...

Cute Packer Fan! Monday night football!!! Go Pack Go! Blessings from Ringle

laughwithusblog said...

I never iron! Snow--wow--I guess it is about that time, but hard to imagine here. It's 80 and I'm running the air-conditioner.

Candy C. said...

Little Brady is sure a cutie!
You're right, the fireman looks pretty unsure about the whole thing! :)
The iron quote cracks me up!!