Need A Funny Caption

.....because we all need to laugh a little.

Last week:

It's all fun until someone ends up in a cone!

Last weeks caption coined by: labbie1 over at:

The Adventures Of Garrett Squared
Thanks for playing labbie 1!  This was Future Leader Dog
Boone, who was career changed (didn't make it).  His tail got caught in the
 door and he had to have a couple of stitches.  (What a mess that was!)
He's more "mad" than he is hurting in the picture. :-)  It
wouldn't have gotten caught in the door if he wasn't playing around!
He is now someones great pet.  :-)

                                                         What's your caption for this week?

.....dr momi

linked to:  Farmchick's Farm Photo Friday


labbie1 said...

I am honored that you chose my caption last week! You do a great service by training the future service dogs. How does one get on the list for a future career change dog? I obviously love my labs! :)

Caption for today: I'll bring the yule log--you bring the treats!

Dicky Bird said...

O.k. this is the last time I get the firewood

Candy C. said...

Can we roast some weenies by the fire tonight!?! Please, please, please!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh .... no caption - but what a gorgeous photo. I reckon you've got your winner for the caption already ;)