Sunday in Pictures

Nine of Nine grew up!
She is even bigger than a couple of her sisters.  She always looks like she is crying
with the markings at her eyes.  She doesn't limp at all. .....and she's the only
one (of her brothers and sisters) without a crest.  Her mom is on the left.

Last weekend we celebrated Remington's 1st Birthday.
This was close to the very first taste of any grain that
he ever ate.  Mom and Dad were waiting until
 he was one to introduce grains.......
He liked it :-)

....and today we were at Brayden's Birthday Party.
Yup, he was 3.

There were 17 kids under 5 there.
12 of them were in Brayden's new sandbox in this pic LOL.
It was a beautiful Wisconsin day.

The kids had a blast with the pinata......especially the boys :-)

It's missing an ear, a tail, and held together by duct tape, but Gracie still called
Grandpa's archery target "Bambi".  I don't think she will grow up to be a hunter :-)

.....dr momi


Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...

Yay for 9of9...Great to see her doing so well.

Happy bday to both babies too.

Blessings Kelsie

TexWisGirl said...

too cute. the sand box full is priceless!

Candy C. said...

Looks like a perfect day for a birthday party! Little Gracie is cute standing with "Bambi!"

labbie1 said...

Go nineofnine! The duck on the right of the picture has quite the crest! I think I may have dated a relative once! LOL

The kids were so cute and looked like they were having a terrific time!

Poor Bambi! LOL Doesn't Grandpa know he needs to hit the BODY? Ears and tails don't count. LOLOLOL The hunters are heading this direction for the opening of dove season tomorrow. Ran into a couple scoping out their hunting territory yesterday.

dr momi said...

Haha labbie1 --- I'll tell Rick you said so! :-)
He is wishing they would start a dove hunt in Wisconsin -- nothing yet.

Thanks for commenting everyone!!