Need a Funny Caption

.....because we all need to laugh a little.

Last Week:

O.K. this is the last time I get the firewood.

Last week's caption coined by: Dicky Bird  over at

Dicky Bird's Nest

Billy lost his ball in the snow so I threw a piece of firewood.
Made no difference to him!

What's you caption for this week?

.....dr momi


Dicky Bird said...

Thanks for picking me again....I look forward to Wednesday to see what picture you post. This is an unusual picture....however, I will say this: "Mom, I need my nose plug" Take care!

Candy C. said...

Wow, that is a tough one, I am actually at a loss for words! LOL!!

labbie1 said...

Wow! Next time they say to leave because the Hurricane is coming, I'm listening!