Sunday in Pictures

Tree frog #1 on the kitchen window.

...and tree frog #2 on the kitchen window.
Talk about suction cups! (and bugs!)

We had the first meal of corn on the cob tonight :-)

Zoe was glad that Daddy was home.
(He is in between guiding fishing trips.)

It was Logan's birthday.  If you need to get a gift for a 4 year old --- get a transformer :-)
The other boys are just drooling.

Gracie started a game of tag.  She was running around tagging everyone saying
"ur it!", "ur it!".  When Brayden was it, he ran around tagging everyone saying
"carrot!, "carrot!".  We had a good laugh over that one :-)
(In his defense, I don't think he ever played tag before .)

.....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! cute! love the froggies too!

Nancy K. said...

I love tree frogs! They remind me of the Kokees in Puerto Rico (a vacation MANY years ago).

The boy with the corn photo is priceless!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Great pictures!! What a sweet picture enjoying the best of the summer!!

We were paid a visit this weekend by a big toad on our porch--He wanted the puppy to come out and play! :-)

Mama Pea said...

That picture of the little one eating the ear of corn is outstanding. You really captured the moment!

Candy C. said...

Those pictures of the frogs are fantastic! The baby eating the corn should be on a poster promoting fresh corn on the cob at the Farmers Market! :)