Rita's Gr-Gr-Mom's Elderberry Jam


     I begged this recipe off my friend Rita.  We were talking elderberries, when she told me about her great grandmother hand writing her recipes -- elderberry jam being one of them.  I had the recipe with me when I attended the Master Food Preserver Class. "Is there anything wrong with canning this recipe?" I asked my teacher, Barbara Ingham, the head food scientist for the state of Wisconsin.  "This should be perfectly fine.  Do you know why? --- Because everything in it is an acid."

     So there you have it.  It's not a tested recipe.  But, it's got the o.k. from the very top.


Rita's Gr-Gr-Mom's Elderberry Jam

1 quart of elderberries
5 cups sugar
12 large cooking apples
3 medium size oranges
1 lemon

Cook apples until mushy.  Add elderberries, oranges, and lemon chopped fine.  Grate the rind of 1 orange and the lemon.  Mix all with the sugar and boil 30 minutes.  Delicious

     I love the "delicious" at the end. :-)  If you are canning it, you would fill the jars to 1/4 in. and process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes.  You'll notice there is no pectin in the recipe.  I'm sure that's where the apples and the orange and lemon peel help out, they are full of pectin.

     I'm making it today, I'll let you know how it turns out.  Thanks for sharing Rita!!

.....dr momi

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Candy C. said...

I'm sure it will be really good! Can't wait for your review!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Sounds wonderful! I love elderberries!

Michaele said...

Apples AND oranges - interesting. Waiting to hear...

labbie1 said...

Yummy! Hey! I have a question for you. I saw a TV show in which they stressed that meat should NOT be canned. My grandmother canned meat all the time. What say you?

dr momi said...

It's cooking right now girls -- the house smells wonderful!

labbie1.....of course you can can meat! Only in the pressure canner though. The Ball canning book has a whole section on canning meat. Maybe the show meant with the water bath canner? Or maybe they didn't know what they were talking about? :-) I can salmon and venison (in the pressure canner) and it's wonderful!

3rnigerians said...

This is very exciting. Elderberries grow wild nearby. My Grandma used to make elderberry jam ages ago. I have no current recipe. I am going to take a drive to our mountains to get me some this weekend and try this. Sounds yummy.

BTW- Dr. Momi- do you happen to have a black currant jam or jelly recipe to share? I have a huge harvest to pick and lost my Grandma's old recipe for black currant jam. Anyone's help to find a recipe w/b a big help. Thanks, and have a great week.

dr momi said... will love this recipe! I haven't done much with currents. Someone brought some into the food pantry where I volunteer, I took them home and made jelly -- was that a pretty red color. I just used the recipe in the Ball Canning Book -- I'll have to keep my eyes open for an old time recipe. ......Sounds like you have work ahead of you!

dr momi said...

That would be *currants* :-)