Sunday in Pictures

Asparagus berries.  I will be harvesting seed from them.

Remember my Mason Bee Hive Christmas present?
Some of the holes have been laid with eggs.  (they look
packed with mud)  It's a start!

I made sauerkraut this week.
About 8 heads of my homegrown organic cabbage fills my crock.
(I have finally learned how to spell sauerkraut without having to look it up! LOL)

My apple jelly on the left.  Mary's apple jelly on the right
....she took BEST OF SHOW with it!
She will not tell me what kind of apples or how she does it. (She says no with a twinkle in her eye :-)
I'm on a quest.  Anyone out there that knows what I need to do --  I need to hear from you!  :-)
(at least before next year's fair.)
My elderberry jam got first!

It was a good fair.
.....and now I'm pretty much "canned out".
Time to pack it all away.

 .....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

i'd say with all those ribbons, it was a very good fair! :)

Lisa said...

Wow! Great job!
I just finished a couple batches of apple jelly just using plain old crab apples. Right after I it jelled, I put in a tablespoon of brandy. It just adds a warmness to it.

Amy Dingmann said...

Great job! I have never made apple jelly, so I can't advise you on that, but I'm thinking you must know SOMETHING with all those ribbons! Keep working at it...maybe you can drag Mary's secret out of her yet!

Candy C. said...

Great pictures! Are the asparagus berries edible? Congrats on all your ribbons! :)

dr momi said...

Lisa.....I think Mary uses crab apples. There is just a pink blush to the jelly, and it's s crystal clear! A Tablespoon of brandy.....I might have to try that :-)

Candy C.....I've never heard of eating the asparagus berries. The birds love them though, that's how we end up with all the wild patches on the waysides! I'll write a post on saving the seed.

laughwithusblog said...

What fun! I have never canned jelly but I LOVE eating it. :) Congrats of first for your elderberry. I wish I could try it!

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Don't pack it all away. Canning is a wonderful year round sport. So many yummy things you can do to have quick meals all year long!! To pack it away is sad and missing huge opportunities!

dr momi said...

:-) worries Freedom Acres Farm. I'll still be canning some venison and things on sale at the store. But...counters full of canning supplies....they're going to find their storage spots. I'll pull them out as I need them. I DO Love it!

Leigh said...

Congratulations! Those ribbons almost look as pretty as your labors. Interesting about the apple jelly. Who wouldn't want to know her secret!

Dr. Kristy Sipple said...

If you have any extra asparagus seeds I will help you get rid of them ;)

labbie1 said...

Gracious! What a haul in ribbons and awards! Congratulations!

As to the apple Jelly--how about some truth serum????? LOL Just kidding...or not!

I have made apple jelly and grape jelly, but from juice--not the fruit. No help from me!

My fav jellies are now the ones made from peppers--with cream cheese--on crackers! Oh man! Reminds me--time for lunch! :)

labbie1 said...

PS--the Mason Bee house really intrigues me~!

dr momi said...

labbie1.....I BET THAT"S IT!!!!! I bet she's using apple juice from the store!! I jokingly accused her of gelling pink colored water. LOL. But I bet she is starting with clear apple juice from a container. I'll have to try a batch and see what I get :-)

I have never tried pepper jelly, but now you made me hungry too!

Anonymous said...

Try gelatin clarification and brown sugar.

dr momi said...

Help Anonymous....what is gelatin clarification? I did use liquid pectin, but the judge didn't think that made a difference. Brown sugar? Huh, I'll have to try it!