Big Pheasant Feed

We work Billy very hard around here :-)
       The first Big Pheasant Feed as my husband calls it, was on Christmas Eve.  Our second Big Pheasant Feed, is about to happen this weekend for my son's birthday and the third Big Pheasant Feed will be for my other son's birthday in April.  As you can see, only special occasions are worthy of a Pheasant Feed. :-)
     My husband and son's along with their hunting dogs, (Billy is my husbands dog) bagged enough pheasants this year for 3 family meals.  We never have a Feed before Christmas Eve.  This is what a Big Pheasant Feed consists of : pheasant from the fall harvest, sweet corn frozen from the garden, and smashed potatoes from the garden.  That's it.  No variations.  No extras.  (the guys have made the rules :-).
This is how we make the pheasant to feed 12 adults and a bunch of toddlers.

Boil pheasant breasts (we use about 10 birds for everybody) in enough water to cover until meat is done.  Save the water, cool the pheasant and debone.  Cut into bite size pieces and place in a super large cast iron pan. Add 3-4 large onions diced, 2-3 sticks of butter (remember this is a special occasion), 1 box of chicken broth and the pheasant water to fill the pan.  Now let it simmer till the water is gone and the pheasant and onions brown well. (keep scraping when it starts browning).  Salt and pepper to taste.

I can smell it now.......
The Big Pheasant Feed


Dr. Kristy Sipple said...

I'm hungry now...can't wait for Sunday! How come we can't have a FEED on my Birthday!?!

dr momi said...'ve got to bag the pheasant or be Jesus in order to be worthy :-)