Cookie Monster & Rooster From Hell

     Cookie Monster is a bantam (banty) rooster. A very gentle calm rooster.  He got his name one day while I was babysitting my almost 3 year old grandson.  Logan was being silly that day, and giving all the chickens he saw running around outside a name.  I can't remember the names all the hens got, but Cookie Monster's name stuck.  Cookie Monster is the only rooster I have right now.  He is the Rooster From Hell's replacement.
     The story is recalled over and over when the extended family gets together.  Belly laughs are heard long and loud.  But, I get ahead of myself.
     Rooster From Hell was determined to nail me, and nail me good.  He was a standard size mixed up breed chicken, and he was mean.  Somehow he figured I was a threat to his hens, and any chance he got he would rush at me with those spurs leading the way.  One day while I was filling up the chicken waterer at the faucet of the house, Rooster From Hell ran from the area of the chicken coop all the way across 30 yards, and with my back turned, nailed me in the back of the leg.  It left a nasty bruise mark.  That was the straw that broke the camels back.  He was a gone-er!  There was no catching him while he was running loose, but the next morning in the coop I caught him (after a battle).  Holding him by the legs, I marched my way to the house and yelled for Rick to get the axe.    .......I swear he understood, with all his might he gave a last ditch effort to get away; and didn't I loose my hold, and he was safe for another day.  Beaten by a rooster.
     The next day I was in town, and when I got home the story was retold to me.  My brother-in-law and nephew Kyle came for a visit.  Kyle was 10 years old.  Rick warned him about the rooster and not to bother him, but Kyle was a pretty "tough" guy,  he was pretty sure he could out run any old rooster.  So doesn't he go down to the coop just to taunt that bird.  The way Rick and his brother told it, they were sitting on the porch laughing their heads off as Kyle was running full blast all the way into the house, "cryin' like a little girl" with that rooster right on his butt! Kyle is 12 this year and the rooster jokes just keep on coming........
     As funny as it was hearing about Kyle and the rooster, I knew I could not keep such a mean rooster around all my grandchildren.  None of them can run as fast as Kyle :-)  It was a bad accident waiting to happen.  Rooster From Hell became "Rooster Soup", and  I have to say, it wasn't the best pot of soup I ever made.  The meat was as tough as... (wait for it)....nails.

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