Tattler Canning Lids

Try them out,
       I just got a late Christmas present from my sister-in-law.  (Getting together this year didn't happen - long story)  It's what I asked for.  Tattler reusable canning lids.  I'm so excited to try them.  The reviews on them are great.  They work in the pressure cooker and boiling water method.  They aren't exactly cheap (and she got me 6 doz. of them!), but they last over and over again.   Since I'm doing a lot more canning these days these will be used!
     I have 2 daughters that are chiropractors.  They work in their Dad's clinic which is 3 minutes away from our house.  Needless to say, it is really easy for them to show up on their lunch break and say "what's to eat".  Lots of times there are leftovers, but just as many times I will say "eggs" in "nothing great".
     Yesterday I had leftover barbecue thawing but nothing else, and the conversation went like this.  "Green beans, I want some green beans to go with it."  "Well go downstairs and get some."  "Mom! don't you ever tell me there's nothing to eat, there's tons of canned goods down there!" :-)  I reminded her it wasn't all that much.   I would really like to have 2 years worth of say, green beans, in case there is a year the crop fails.  She came up with a pint of green beans and a pint of canned potatoes to go with the barbecue.  We talked about how easy it is to make a decent meal (as in good for you, -- organic from the garden) when you come home from work, if you have canned goods.  The ultimate "fast food" for anyone working and putting on supper for the family.  The food is already cooked -- just heat it up! I canned venison and salmon for the kids this year, obviously I didn't can enough.  They are all out already.
     If you want to can along with us this year, start getting ready now.  I will be walking you through it this summer. Buy jars and lids, water canners are cheap and you should definitely pick one up, you can can fruits this way.  You can't can meat and plain vegetables in a water canner though.  If you decide to get a pressure cooker, don't even bother to get a cheap one.  Make sure it has a dial on it so you can tell exactly what the pressure is.  More on all of this to come.


Heather said...

I found your blog through the Barn Hop & have pinned so many of your posts today! I just received a pressure canner set for our wedding & while I am a little nervous to begin (I have never canned, nor has anyone in my family!), I am so excited to be able to provide for my husband & future family in this way!

Thank you for being so inspiring & helpful!


dr momi said...

Hi Heather....thank-you so much for your kind comments. You are going to LOVE canning! My daughters are in their 20's and are really getting into it. It really helps when you get home from a long day of work. Stay tuned to the blog...there will be more canning post every little bit.