Ordered My Seeds

    I totally enjoyed browsing the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Catalog & Garden Guide.  It was like reading a book on how to save seeds.  There was a lot of information in there!  I requested their catalog after reading Mother Earth News' article on Floriani Red Flint corn.  This corn is suppose to be one of the highest in protein, and make some of the best polenta.  (Which is why I wanted it. --- Never mind that I don't know how I would be grinding it, I'd figure that out when I got it :-) This is what I wanted to order.  But alas, I was to slow.  I guess they were out within a month of that article.  Oh well, I ordered  the rest of my seeds.  I liked that the seeds are not treated with fungicides.
I also ordered the book Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, And Craft Of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Katz.  I have seen people tweeting about it and mentioning it on blogs, it sounds really good.  Spring here we come!

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