Eat Your Dandelions

"Dandelion Heaven"
(This is a picture from the past.  There are no dandelions blooming here yet!)

      The medicinal value of dandelion leaf and root is truly remarkable.  In the spring while I am gardening, anytime I come across a dandelion that's in the wrong place, it gets dug up and becomes tea for the day.  It is diuretic, extremely high in potassium, and very good for digestion (it's bitterness gets the gallbladder contracting).

These two dandelions on the edge of the garden became todays tea.

The green leaves were washed and simmered in two quarts of water for 10 minutes.
The burner was turned off and I added two TBL. dried Chaste Tree Berry
and one TBL. dried ST. John's Wort.  Let it all cool.  Strain and drink like
"medicine".  .......I just down it.  I'll drink it all over a day and a half. 
Drink it when you "feel like you put on 5 lbs. of water" .....  :-) .

The roots get washed, quartered, and then chopped very fine.

Put the chopped roots on a plate where you will see it often, so you
can stir it up 3 or 4 times a day for a few days. 
When it is totally dry, store in a glass jar.
When you make tea of the roots, simmer it for 20 minutes.
I use 2 TBL of dried root to 2 quarts of water.
If worse came to worse and I had congestive heart failure but
couldn't get my medicine,  I would drink dandelion root tea.

   .....dr momi


Dicky Bird said...

My dad is (was he has passed) 1/2 Native
American, Potawatomi from northern Wisconsin. Every summer he would make dandelion green salads. They were a little bitter, however, he always made a vinegrate from bacon grease....and put bacon bits on top - bacon makes anything taste good. My aunt, his sister, is still very active in native medicinal plants. Blessings from Wisconsin.

dr momi said...

Just like spinach w/ bacon dressing! Sounds good to me :-). Dandelion is less bitter in the early spring for eating the leaves, but gather the leaves and root any time for drying.

Faye Henry said...

Hi.. Our dandelions are just coming here in Canada and I plan to dry the roots for coffee and see what it is like.
Thanks for the infor.. Very valuable..

Teresa said...

Dandelions are wonderful! I've never tried them, but my sick goats really seem to love them.