Sunday In Pictures

I could not figure out why the few daffodils that I had (that hardly ever bloom)
all of a sudden exploded with new plants and flowers this year.

Then I remembered that my sister-in-law gave me bags of bulbs she had to dig up last fall.
Thanks Sharon!  I'm totally enjoying them!

This was one mad hummingbird. (that was moving fast)
I was only a few feet away.

My oldest Grandson Ryan.
.....and he was movin' fast.
(found a wood tick on him after all of this :-)


The pathway in the garden became a raceway!
Kept them busy while their mom planted garden  :-)
 (It is NOT dry here --- the pic is giving you the wrong impression :-)

.....dr momi



Roxey Lucey said...

cool hummingbird pic!

TexWisGirl said...

those daffodils are beautiful. love the peachiness. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jean! I love the hummingbird one!