Sunday In Pictures

What do you mean this isn't good for my back?
Future Leader Dog Butsch, 4 months old.

Happy News:  This banty went broody in a five gallon bucket.
She has five duck eggs under her.  Ssshh, she doesn't know it.
Sad News:  Her sister jumped into a bucket of water
(probably to lay an egg) and couldn't get out.  She didn't make it. 
 All rain catching buckets are over turned. 
 A rain barrel will be made this summer.

What is it about a compost pile spread, freshly plowed,
ready to plant garden that is so satisfying?
So full of potential?
(Or is it because there are no weeds right now?)

My Mother's Day present 2 yrs. ago from  the kids.
If the forsythia is blooming does that mean spring is finally here? 
Sure is cold if that's the case!


Janet Marie said...

Nice photos!

Janet Marie

dr momi said...

Thanks Janet --- looking forward to following your blog!

TexWisGirl said...

oh dear! sorry to hear about your hen! poor little thing.

dr momi said... was sad, I felt bad.