Sunday in Pictures

The broody hen finishing out hatching her ducklings.
She is an excellent mama.

Small duck...small hands.

We had to compliment my son-in-law Danny,
(married to daughter Katie) for some
pretty straight rows -- just by eyeballing it!
Danny is an Elementary School Teacher Mon. - Fri.
A hunter-fisherman on the weekend.
.....and a gardener in between.
(oh...and a super great husband and father all the time!)

This is blooming everywhere right now in Northeast Wisconsin.
It is NOT elderberry!
At least not the elderberry we eat. 
 It is Red Elderberry which will give you one upset stomach if you eat the berries.
The flowers and berries look different than the real elderberry. (Leaves look very similar.)
It always blooms about 2-3 weeks before the real elderberry.

Missed out trying those fiddleheads again this year!
....but I know they are there if I'm ever really hungry one spring :-)
 .....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

great photos. that garden is pretty great! :)

Mama Pea said...

Baby ducklings are so cute! It's a productive, busy time of year, isn't it? Looks as though you have a BIG garden.