Sunday In Pictures

Garlic is coming good.   .....needs to be weeded.......*sigh*
Makeshift fencing is keeping chickens out.
What crooked rows I planted last fall :-)

Granddaughter Zoe learns how to go down the slide.

Grandson Logan (Zoe's brother) grew a lot this winter.... lol

Daughter Katie was weeding the strawberries......
.......and Grandsons Logan and Brayden are looking for los gusanos.  (worms)
When they yell "gusano!",  "Red Ruby" comes running for a treat.
(I love those little butts in the air :-)

Daughter Kristy started the official planting of the 2011 garden on Sat., putting
in her peas and onions.  Three kids will have their gardens out here.
The other two will have their gardens at their homes.

                          Happy Mother's Day !
.....dr momi


Mama Pea said...

What a treat that gardening has brought some of your kids together at your place. Cute pics!

dr momi said...

All five children live within 20 minutes Mama Pea. (4 of them within 10 min). There is constant "coming and going" around here :-) I love that the grandkids are helping in the garden. They are so young yet though, they think pulling and "hauling" weeds is fun :-)

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

What a nice Mothers Day! Love the pics