Propagating Dogwood - Accidently

     After the growing season in the fall, I will fill all my pots that had flowers in, with red dogwood for some winter color.  I simply stick branches into the dirt.  Lots of times in the spring it grows.

This dogwood is growing after all winter in the pot.
Last fall the branches were cut,
 and stuck into the dirt.

      That's about all it takes to propagate dogwood.  Put a thin branch of it into the ground, keep it wet, and it will grow.  Even if you leave it in over winter.  There is so much dogwood around in the woods that I really don't need to grow it.  But I love decorating with it.  Dogwood and pumpkins for fall.  Dogwood and winterberries, and pine boughs for Christmas.
     When you cut your branches from the bush it is just like pruning it.  The bush will just get bigger and wider next year. Rick will take this dogwood that has rooted, and plant it out at the hunting land for the deer.  The deer eat the branches and the turkeys and partridge eat the berries.  The wildlife is happy and so am I :-)

.....dr momi


TexWisGirl said...

jealous. i wish we had dogwood here. just for the blooms!

Unknown said...

I will always remember my Sunday School teachers as a child telling us a story about the Dogwood tree blossom. It represents the true meaning of Easter Trees-Plants Nursery